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Preservation Order - Kreosotum

Posted Sep 22 2008 4:37pm
Some of the MM's mention this as being the flesh preserver and it is no coincidence that Kreosote is well known for preserving and yet its sx picture is that of destruction and of eating the flesh away. Easy to see the syphilitic miasm mainly with all the destruction, although Sankaran places this rx in the cancer group, but this could be viewed as end stage cancer where ulceration and decay is the final stage.

Kreosote is obtained through burning so expect all the types of pains associated with burning such as excoriation, heat, acrid, smarting, salty, inflamed, corrosive itching, burnings as of hot coals, and the appearance will be red, swollen, bleeding, ulcerative, gangrenous, degenerative and destructive. All very visible as kreosote has a lot of discharges, it is as though there is a liquifying of the internal organs and they begin to drip outwards - a kind of internal decomposition. There is a feeling as if everything is dragging down and out, through the genitals and down the thighs.

Discharges thus are profuse, usually foul, putrid smelling, lumpy, bloody, purulent. The body has feelings of pulsations or buzzings and it is as if this is a pump pushing the discharges outward. On the external surfaces you have eczema and acne, working its way inward in the same ulcerative and corrosive manner. The teeth are often the first sign of this decay - they rapidly decay, gums bleed, teeth appear with a great deal of pain and then they crumble before they have time to develop - a sure sign of congenital syphilis.

An important modality is the need to eat, fasting < < <, as though there is a need for food and nutrition to also preserve. There is a craving for smoked meats and as you'd expect there is a great thirst.

The theme of burning and smoke continue on the emotional and mental sphere - there are dreams about fire and about being pursued. They do not like to be touched (they would disintegrate) - a great deal of fear and anxiety is to be expected, they make themselves very busy as a distraction - it is also one of the rx that believes they are well when actually very sick (Arnica), this also acts as a distraction. You might also see silly behaviour as well such as laughing or being too cheerful or excited, again this is a distraction and also an indication of the move towards something such as insanity that you would expect in the syphilitic range.

It is one of the remedies where music plays an important role - I believe this is an indication of their profound sensitivity considering what is going on (I prescribed this once to a toddler who had the most appalling teeth, always in a lot of pain and crying a great deal with the pain but music always seem to change the crying, it became more mellow and softer.

One curious sx is they have a delusion that things are growing taller - I am not really sure about this and logically this probably reflects a sx of vertigo with falling, possibly a sight impairment or the later potential of insanity but it could also be that being taller represents growth within the looming despair of their destruction.
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