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Preparing the Turkey Day Feast

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:01pm
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

It's time to start thinking about the Thanksgiving menu and all the trimmings. How can you maximize a thoroughly healthy feast? Think about what you get and think about the ingredients that are inside the food.

Don't just grab an item for the sake of convenience. Check it out first.
The number one easiest and yummiest item on the menu is cranberry sauce. But you have one of two ways to prepare it. Do you buy it in the can and slice it or do you make the homemade stuff?

Either way is very good, but watch out for the canned sauce. I would advise you to buy the Organic cranberry sauce because it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup in it.
Who wants to eat corn syrup sauce? I don't know about you, but I want to eat CRANBERRY sauce!

Those hors d' oeuvres such as the pickles and crackers can be loaded with high fructose corn syrup too. You're probably saying, "PICKLES too!!!??" Yep...Pickles! There are some brands that have not succumbed to the fructose craze. Just read the ingredients and you will be golden.
Egg nog is another seasonal treat. I love to have a cup of it. Just watch out for the high fructose corn syrup. Get the Organic stuff.

Any bread item may have high fructose corn syrup too...make sure yo read the ingredients.
How about the turkey itself? It is highly advisable to buy a turkey without growth hormone, and no antibiotics. I don't know about you but I want to leave the antibiotics for the pharmacist - not in my meat!!

If you use eggs, make sure they are free of antibiotics and hormone too.

Can you believe all the crap that the FDA has put into our foods? They certainly haven't made it easy on the healthy consumer to just go into the supermarket and gather the trimmings, eh?
And here is another healthy tip for your roast beast. Don't deep fry it. This may be faster, and involve less clean up and less hassle, but to deep fry a turkey isn't exactly healthy. You will be making a trip to the doctors office for your next heart medication!

Deep frying a turkey is a trend, and hopefully it is a dying trend....some Thanksgiving traditions are meant to be continued such as the old fashion oven use.
Have a wonderful time preparing for your Thanksgiving holiday. Make a game out of reading the ingredients. Know that your body is worth it. All the thought and consideration that you put into your dinner will make your body happier.

And after that wonderfully filling dinner, and before attacking the desserts, go for a walk and combat that Turkey exhaustion!
Happy Holistic Thanksgiving!
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