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Prepare For the Swine Flu, Boost Your Immune System

Posted Apr 27 2009 10:15pm

brid flu CDC says it’s too late to contain a US outbreak!!!
(watch the video below)

The swine flue is spreading. 8 students are have tested positive in New York City.
The first European case of the flu is confirmed in Spain. EU warns against traveling to US and Mexico.

It is possible that we have a pandemic on our hands?

It’s not sure if the flue vaccine from this winter will protect us from the swine flu. For all of us how did not get the vaccine there is not enough vaccine left.

So what can we do today! Right now?

Boost Your Immune System.

No everyone gets the flue. Some only get a mild version of it. Some get really sick.

Here are some of the most quick, easy and effective ways to boost your immune system.

#1: Start With Your Intestine. All the vitamins and antioxidants in the world won’t help if your body is not able to take it up. Therefore start by taking probiotics and fermented food. There are many fermented foods that you can make on your own. But many choose a product like InLiven since it is convenient and very effective.

#2: Fill Up With Nutrition. Eat the healthiest foods you can imagine. Pamper yourself with fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to by the organic version especially for the most contaminated fruits and veggies like apples, bell peppers and strawberries. If you find organic fruits and vegetables too expensive and start sprouting. You can by organic seeds at home deport for a couple of dollars and with simple colander and some water you and turn the seeds in to organic, nutritious super foods.

#3: Give It An Extra Boost. The 2 very powerful but vital substances that most of us are lacking are omega3 and antioxidants. These supplements can be quite expensive so look at the effecitiveness of the product not just the price. Or you will end up paying a lot for little or no effect.

#4: Add Foods With Antiviral Properties To Your Daily Diet. There are many food that have anitviral properties for example lemon, garlic, curcumin (turmeric), broccoli, dandelion, oninons,

#5: Flush Out The Toxins.
Drinking water is a great way to help you body get rid of toxins.

#6: Get Out In The Sun. Exersice and Sunshine are a part of the foundation of our health. We’re lucky it’s spring. So get outside and walk, run, play ball or what ever you enjoy doing.

Swine Flu - CDC says too late to contain U.S. Outbreak - Protect yourself and others

Image of a bird flu victim by Quiplash!.

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