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Pregnancy Through the Eyes of a Homeopath

Posted Aug 03 2010 6:59pm
Two weeks ago I met up with a friend of mine who was discussing with me her desire to become pregnant.

I said to her: that's wonderful as long as you know that any aspect of you that has been left unhealed will be transferred to your child. She said she was well aware of the fact and decided against pregnancy for so many years, but feels in her heart it is the right thing to do.

In the womb, the mother will transfer ALL her emotional baggage directly to her child. This is called emotional transference. Many aspiring mothers know the importance of a healthy diet and living a stress free pregnancy because they know it will affect the child.  But very few know that the rabbit hole goes much deeper than this.

We as homeopaths know this, we call emotional transference a  miasm.    I will simplify things, lets say your a female wanting to be pregnant but you are aware of certain qualities of yours, perhaps you are aware that 1.) you have anger
2.) you are stuborn
3.) fault finding
4.) moody
5.) selfish
6.) suffer depression

ALL this baggage plus the baggage you aren't aware of the child will experience and feel.  And the child has no choice in the matter because they are inside and connected to you. They have to feel this trauma, there is no escape route from you until they are born.  They will be born with these emotional imprints. 

                                                                                          GO BACK 35 YEARS!!!

My mother was pregnant with me. She smoked, drank (alcoholic), ate junk food, never exercised, suffered from depression, had loads of anger toward men, racked with guilt, and didn't  love herself.  I was born premature, withn a low I.Q, learning disabilities, asthma, unhappiness, and a autoimmune disease to go with it !

After birth the picture didn't exactly brighten. I had to inhale second hand smoke, and live off a diet of macaroni and cheese, spam, kool aid, canned vegetables, frosted flakes, lucky charms, and flintstone vitamins (even then I prefered Betty over Barny).

In today's age this is considered child abuse, and in twenty years from now, having a child without the necessary emotional readiness and health will be considered child abuse. I had to UNDO all the damage my mother inflicted upon when she was pregnant plus on top of all that had to heal my own stuff.

Should women procreate given this information? Yes of course.  Evolution is a steady slow pace, and it is not everyones life purpose or desire to clear ALL their baggage prior to pregnancy.

Here are some tips about what you can do during pregnancy to ensure the child is born with a positive head start
1.) Spend as much time consciously connecting to your child, tell them that you love them, what kind of life you plan for them, how much adventure they will have, how much you will honor all that they are. Do this daily
2.) Practice meditation, this will train your mind to focus on neutral or positive thoughts, for negative ones will impact your child
3.) Breathe deeply and eat healthy
4.) Focus on having positive relations with your spouse, again, any kind of arguing will affect your child
5.) Learning how to properly communicate. This means learning how to communicate without  blame or guilt. How you speak to your child when they are born will affect their self worth. No child deserves to be blamed, shamed, or given guilt trips.
My advice is to study: Marshall Rosenbergs course on " non violent communication ".

The wisdom to take from this post is to understand the enormous responsibility of bringing a child into this life. Just because a biological clock is ticking doesn't mean that having a child is for your best and highest interest, your childs, humanitie's or Earths.
We need to be fully aware and conscious of what this entails. Children have the divine right for happiness, and it is so important to assess how much love you are capable of giving them. IF you do not love yourself that much, you will not be able to give anything to a child.

Lindsay Tietz, Homeopathic Doctor
Owner  Intention to Heal
Proudly Serving the Danforth Area Directly

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