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Possible Causes of Hair Loss and Simple Treatments to Combat Them

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:00pm

Losing your hair, especially if you are a woman, can provide cause to freak out a little bit. A few hairs here and there on your pillow or on the bathroom sink are normal. Everyone loses a hundred or more hairs each day; it’s a natural process. However, when you have to clean your shower drain every other day because it is clogged with hair and you notice a thinner hairstyle as time passes, you may be suffering from hair loss.

Possible Causes of Hair Loss and Simple Treatments to Combat Them

The good news is that in most cases, hair loss is totally treatable and reversible. There are a number of health conditions that can cause your hair loss problem. The first thing to do though is to get checked out by your doctor. There are some underlying health conditions that manifest themselves through loss of hair. You want to make sure you get proper treatment for a disease or health condition.

Medication Induced Hair Loss

The medications you are taking could be contributing to your hair loss. Antidepressants, sulfur-based medications for inflammatory bowel disease, diuretics and a host of other prescription medications can cause the side effect of thinning hair. Talk with your doctor about adjusting your dosage or trying an alternate drug altogether.


When you have iron deficiency, your red blood cell count lowers. Since these red blood cells deliver oxygen and other nutrients to your hair follicles, you tend to lose your hair if you do not take in enough iron. With a doctor’s ok, you can take iron supplements to help boost your red blood cell count and stimulate hair growth. Vitamin C supplements should be taken in tandem with the iron as they can boost iron absorption.


Stress is blamed for a number of health conditions so it is no wonder it is also a cause of thinning hair and hair loss. Unhealthy levels of stress can stop hair growth in its tracks or even cause white blood cells to attack the hair follicles. Luckily the hair will grow back eventually; however, you need to find an outlet for that stress such as exercise, yoga or meditation.

Thyroid Problems

Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can cause hair loss. There is a chemical hormone the thyroid produces called DHT which can attack your hair follicles if proper hormone balances are not maintained. With a doctor’s prescription to regulate your thyroid condition, your hair will eventually grow back health and strong.

Improper Diet

A tough diet plan in which you do not consume enough calories can cause hair loss. If you do not get enough nutrients in your diet, your hair and other body parts are going to rebel. A low calorie diet with not enough nutrition can cause cramping, fatigue, dehydration and more. The biggest culprit of hair loss in a low calorie diet is not getting enough protein, in addition to vitamins and minerals. Protein helps build muscle and lose weight, plus it is a building block for hair. If you are losing weight due to an improper diet, a few sessions with a nutritionist or dietitian can help you gain some perspective.

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