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Pomegranate Packs a Healthy Punch

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:00pm

Pomegranates are quite tasty but are often at the bottom of everyone’s favorite fruit list because it is a bit difficult to eat. The thick casing and white inside pulp is a slight deterrent to get through and they protect the red, juicy fruit covered seeds inside. It is a tiresome chore to shuck all the inedible parts just to get to the small juicy edibles. However, given the pomegranate’s status as a superfruit, it has been making a comeback. Its beneficial properties make pomegranate diets quite popular.


Defining a Superfruit

The definition of a superfruit is one that tastes good and packs a punch with a ton of nutrients and antioxidants. Following a pomegranate diet would provide quite a nutritious impact. The dark red color of the edible portion of this fruit is quite recognizable and there are more and more recipes being developed around this fruit. The primary hitch in taking advantage of these nutritious properties is that the growing season of the pomegranate is mid-autumn through winter.

The excitement about pomegranate recently has to do with its superfruit status. A lot of antioxidant properties such as polyphenols, anthocyanins, and tannin can be found in the edible portion of this fruit. Free radicals which can cause premature aging, red blood cell degradation and other health issues can be slowed or halted in its tracks with a pomegranate diet of this superfruit.

More Benefits of Pomegranate

Heart health is a primary benefit of pomegranates because this fruit helps prevent accumulation of LDL, the bad part of blood cholesterol. It also improves blood flow through the arteries and ultimately the heart. In addition, gender driven cancer such as breast, prostate and cervical cancer could be prevented with a pomegranate diet. Some men believe that this superfruit is beneficial to their sex life by increasing erections. It will be some years before pomegranate benefits are fully understood.

Preparing and Eating Pomegranates

It takes some work to get to the edible portion of the pomegranate. The juicy seeds are called arils and can be eaten as a whole, juicy flesh and seeds together. The sweet tart taste is your reward for separating the arils from the thick skin ad white pithy flesh inside. While eating them au natural is acceptable, you might want to consider incorporating them into recipes. If you wish to follow some type of pomegranate diet to enjoy the healthy benefits of this superfruit, consider these dining ideas:

• Add the pomegranate arils to a fruit salad or even a regular lettuce salad. These juicy edibles would strike a balance with vinaigrette-based dressings as well as other additions like blue cheese crumbles, bacon and almonds. The ruby red color would also make for a gorgeous food presentation.
• Make bland yogurt pop by sprinkling in a few pomegranate arils.
• When a dressing or stuffing recipe that calls for the addition of dried fruit, swap the fruit with the arils. The distinctive flavor is perfect for your pomegranate diet.

A number of different ways exist to integrate pomegranate into your regular diet. With each crunch of the juicy arils, you are increasing your life expectancy, thanks to the numerous antioxidants and other nutritional components that no one may be aware of yet.

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