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Polarity Thinking How to Motivat...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:23pm

Polarity Thinking
How to Motivate Yourself to Begin

Welcome to Mind Tip 15

To fully appreciate using the Polarity principle and to pull it all together, here is a simple process that will enable you to resolve any stress, self sabotage, guilt, or fear of the consequences of a positive outcome that is keeping you from success.

We have all heard of the two brain hemispheres. The right hemisphere for imagination and imagery and the left for pragmatic use and subjective outcomes. As example: An artist or engineer, when visualizing the end result of a project is using the right brain hemisphere. When the artist puts the brush to canvass, or the engineer puts the pencil to paper, they are using the left brain hemisphere.

Success and failure reside in different parts of the brain. Those who are constantly finding themselves beset with problems, and constantly make wrong choices are usually those people who are using the part of the brain that is programmed for failure. Here is how to use Polarity to neutralize that part of the brain.


Think about the problem.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worse, where do you sense the problem? Say that you feel it is an 8.

Now sense the problem as getting worse. Where do you sense the problem now? Say that you now feel it is a 9.

Now sense the problem as getting better. To what degree do you sense the problem now? Say that it is now a 7.

Once again sense the problem as worse than it is. Where is it now? It should go up the scale.

Now sense it as better and it goes down the scale of degrees.

Once you are comfortable polarizing the problem in this manner, do it as rapidly as you can. The problem is worse, better, worse, better, worse, better; scaling it each time.

Then once again think about the problem as it is. Scale it and you should find it has diminished and you will be better able to cope.

What has happened is that the two parts of the brain that have opposing views to the problem have merged and whatever caused the failure in your mind should be bypassed and you will be better equipped to find a solution.

You might also want to use this technique on pain control, or sports, sexual enhancement, motivating yourself, or any one of a hundred other events in your life.

The premise of this motivation to action segment is thinking the opposite of what you normally would consider thinking.

Actually, what you are doing here is what most people do on a subconscious level anyway, using this technique, you are bringing all the negatives into view so that they can be dealt with.

This enables you to turn around and correct mistakes, before they happen.

Polarize desires and then think of the process you use to make the mistake. After that, simply use the process to reverse the thought and the actions.

The Motivation Process

If, like many others you have always wanted to go into business for yourself, but keep putting it off, consider the following:

The Worst Thing

What is the worst thing that can happen if you were to start a business venture?

Write down ten of the things, of a negative nature, that could possibly happen.
For example:

1. The business could fail.

2. Time would be taken away from other things

3. It would keep you from your family.

4. Self esteem would suffer.

5. People would laugh at you.

6. You would owe money you don’t have.

7. You would lose the trust of others.

8. Could lose your initial investment.

9. It would be hard to borrow money again.

10. You would be fearful of starting another business.

Go through each of the ten worst things you can imagine. Write just what it would take to accomplish each of those things.

For number 1: How would you make the business fail? What would you have to do if you consciously set out to make your business fail?

Examples could be not paying attention to it, hiring the wrong people, not putting enough money into it, putting it in the wrong location.

By thinking about the things that could go wrong, especially those things that you yourself are responsible for, you bring them out into the open - you represent them.

Once they are represented by you, they can be dealt with.

Now it’s time to represent the good things.

The Best Thing

Write ten of the best things that could happen.
For example:

1. The business could be a big success.

2. It would allow you to do the things you want.

3. You would be setting something up for your family.

4. Self esteem would soar.

5. People would admire you.

6. You would have plenty of money.

7. People would ask for your advice.

8. You could invest in many other things as well.

9. Bankers would seek you out wanting to loan you more.

10. You might start other successful businesses.

Go through each of the best things and imagine each in turn, then write just what it would take to accomplish of those things.

You have now developed a process of success and of failure.
Choose success and go through each of things once again to develop your polarity of success.

The polarity technique extends your perception of things.

Extended Perception is a force of creativity that once unleashed, focuses attention, allowing you to see all sides of the picture, and makes you better equipped to make the right choice.

Behavior —Why You Are the Way You Are

Childhood experiences are stored at deep levels, which affect and influence present behavior.

A child told to “Study and make good grades so you will be successful in life” may well equate grades with success. That being so, with average grades, the imbedded program guides the individual to average success in later life.

Success being a subjective thing, and relative to the individual, the person could have an average life with respect to :






occupation and so on

Not everyone who receives average grades wind up average. Programs can be changed when new instructions are inserted where old ones are stored.

Your brain/mind creates physical senses to bring information to itself.

". . .extending your perception . . .can change your attitude and behavior"

Your body is created for the brain to move around and to use. The brain/mind creates telegraphs, telephones, television, computers, and so on to bring more information to itself.

It creates bicycles, automobiles, and space shuttles to take the brain to more places, more rapidly.

The mind, human intelligence, guides your brain just as the brain guides your body.

To control your body is to use your brain in the proper manner. By extending your perception you can change your attitude and behavior. Do that and you have control over your reality.

Reprogramming Behavior

The human mind is programmed from birth to act, and to react when confronted by any of an infinite number of stimuli.

The stimulus creates a thought which in turn builds an energy which manifests in an action.

Stimulus cannot be controlled, it is simply there. The control factor lies in the thought, or how you react to the stimulus. Let’s take sex as an example.


The human, as well as the rest of the animal, mammal, fish and vegetable kingdoms reproduce themselves through the agency of sex.

Sex is nature’s strongest program. The stimulus for sex changes by degrees with the energy output of the animal, vegetable etc.

When one is at the highest energy level, the reproductive fluids are at the strongest degree of reproductive manifestation.

With the aging process, the degree diminishes and the percentage of successful reproductive events suffers. In other words, the older one gets the less likely it becomes that there will be a child produced from a sexual liaison.

In many modern societies, a loss of male sexual virility is associated with a loss of manhood.

When they discover that the stimuli that formerly excited them do not even attract them any longer, many men develop


feelings of inadequacy

a loss of self esteem


Some men seek out new stimuli to re-instigate the stimulation, while others feel that life is over.

Groucho Marx, when in the twilight of his years said, “Life just isn’t worth living when you can’t get it up any more.” How wrong he was.

People go through stages in their lives. One can see a change taking place every 7 years.

The 7-year old is totally different from the 14-year-old or the 21- year old, and so on throughout the ages of man.

When you accept the fact that the body changes periodically, you are better able to cope with the deterioration of energies in the reproductive cycle area of your life.

"After the reproductive cycle diminishes the mind develops in other directions when you allow it to."

Because the basic energy has weakened, the attitude toward that energy must change. When it does, the individual finds fulfillment in other areas of life. When it does not, problems ensue.

You must realize, as you age, that you are not less of a person because you no longer have the energy to reproduce as often as when you were in your third or fourth octave of life.

Actually you are more of a person. After the reproductive cycle diminishes the mind develops in other directions when you allow it to.

You become more creative, more goal-oriented, and you tend to enjoy other things in life more. For everything you lose, there is something you gain—if you allow it to happen.

Better and Better,

Burt Goldman
The Power of Self Mind Control in Shaping Your Reality

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