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Please kindly advice if you have an explanation for alternative treatment and explanation for the cause of hyperhidrosis Thanks

Posted by Ruhi

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This can often be treated well with Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbs).  There are lots of reasons for abnormal sweating, and an acupuncturist would have to do a thorough diagnosis with you.  One of the most common causes, according to Chinese medicine, is when the "protective qi" is not strong.  We all have qi, or energy, that circulates on the surface of the body, protects us from infection and illness, and regulates the opening and closing of the pores.  If there's a problem with this function, random sweating can occur.  Another common cause is too much heat in the body, which is being vented through the pores.  You would probably benefit from talking to an acupuncturist about treatment, especially before you consider surgery (which some people do to stop the sweating).  

Good luck with this!

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