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plantar's fibroma

Posted by judy

I am a 59 white female that has been diagnosed 5 mos. ago by an orthopedic surgeon that I have plantar's fibroma on the arch of my left foot.  I had two bumps at that time.  I now have this on the other foot on the arch also.  They are not bothering me as long as my feet are in good arched shoes.  However, the question that I have is this::::::????

On the left foot that I "first" had the fibromas...I now have two more bumps.  But this time, I am in pain.  The bumps are exactly above the fibromas on the arch.  I think that I have's like walking on two HARD ROCKS...dam it...

How can I tell the difference between plantar's wart and fibromas????  I was using the Compound W wart remover and put duct tape over the two bumps...But NOW...I think that maybe I should stop, because they MAY BE fibromas??? 

I am sorry, but know that I should go back to the orthopedic surgeon...but hate the expense if there's nothing I can do to get rid of this pain....I know about how it's tough surgery on the facia of the foot and I can get into bigger problems over this...It just bothers me terribly....I am a florist mgr in a grocery store and stand on the hard concrete surface for 8 hrs...UGH...

Please help me ...Should I go to my family doc or back to Dr. Ortho...or to a Foot Doctor???

Thanks for you help and CUDOS to this website...


Judy B. 





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Hello Judy. 

The human foot wasn't really "designed" to be walking on concrete all day. Perhaps if our caveman ancestors were walking on hard rock all day our feet might have evolved looking totally different. Instead, they were walking on loose sand, loose dirt and mud. Imagine the sensation you have when you are walking barefoot on sand, and your foot kind of "rolls" along, without the hard impact on any one part of the foot. There's an article on my blog, which is referenced frequently on Wellsphere ("Sham vs. Wham: The Health Insider") about this problem. I have noticed that my sore back feels a lot better since I changed shoes, and I think you may be able to achieve the same results. My wife has horrible pain in the ball of her feet with regular shoes, but when she's moved to a special kind of shoe called an MBT, she's been able to walk comfortably again.

The link to the article is here, They are expensive, but when you think about comfort and how important it is to be able to make it through the day, you find that a pair of MBT shoes can really be a good investment. They are designed to make you walk much like you would if you were "rolling" over loose dirt -- it's quite a sensation, and you can get spoiled by it. Whenever I wear other shoes for awhile, I start to miss that feeling of "easy striding" and it feels so good to get back into the MBTs.

Good luck to you! I know how important your feet are for overall health.



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