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Plant Healer Call for Letters

Posted Apr 08 2011 10:37am

Good news: by the time any of the first year’s subscriptions to Plant Healer Magazine run out, we will have a special discount price for re-subscribers.  The third issue is coming together wonderfully, with powerful new content and surprisingly even more departments.  In just a few weeks we’ll provide the usual first sneak preview of issue #3, featuring the first in a series of Plant Healer Interviews with an internationally respected herbalist that we’re anxious to announce… and a “Letters to the Editors” section that we hope you will find time to write to.

Call For Your Letters

For The New Reader Response Page

in Plant Healer Magazine

Letters are welcomed starting right now, for possible inclusion in the June or September issues of Plant Healer.  Your feelings and opinions matter.

While we’ve admittedly received tons of great feedback for Plant Healer, it’s most often in the form of short effusive compliments such as we don’t really want to be filling the Reader Response department with.  Adjectives like “Awesome!”, “Amazing!” and “Gorgeous!” are music to our ears… but also, what pieces are you enjoying most?  Are you printing and framing the art posters?  What have certain articles inspired in the way of new thinking , or new ways of acting, living, or practicing your herbal craft?  What have you been glad to learn, that may have been hardest to hear?

If there is something said in a Plant Healer article that you would like to augment, support or contest, tell us about it and it could end up in the magazine.  We’ll print referrals to relevant pieces in other publications and to the latest research studies, and we’d consider material such as a brief telling of an exciting discovery or insight of yours in the course of your hands on work with plants, or perhaps a succinct description of a worrisome new law passed in your state.

About the only thing we won’t consider printing here are letters featuring personal attacks on anyone, that repeat already commonly known information or promote a commercial product, or that fall too far outside the wide realm of Western Folk Herbalism.  Otherwise, don’t be bashful, share what’s in your heart and on your mind!  All letters will be read, and some will find space in the Reader Responses pages of Plant Healer.


For more information or to subscribe, go to Plant Healer Magazine

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