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Plant Healer #4 Preview – Available Sept 5th

Posted Aug 28 2011 10:46pm

A Sneak Peak At


After many weeks of late night work, it’s done! But in spite of our efforts to keep the Fall issue of Plant Healer under 200 pages in length, with so much great writing and art we simply couldn’t pare it down below 209! Included are our cherished columns and departments, including the first installment in a new “Birth Root” column by Aviva Romm, and THREE in-depth Plant Healer interviews. As always we feature a mix of plant profiles and personal tales, historical perspective and current issues, information and art… with even more art posters this time, a profile of plant inspired cover-artist Lauren Raine and conversation with regular artistic contributor Joanna Powell Colbert.

The much rumored 700 page long (!) black and white
will indeed be available in a couple of weeks, but will be sold

Here for your curiosity, is a sneak peak at the final issue of Volume 1, to be released as always on the first Monday of the month, September 5th.

To Subscribe, go to the Plant Healer Site

Vol.1 #4:

Cover Art: Lauren Raine – The River Beneath The River Of The World
Art Poster: Turkman Healer & Boy
Jesse Wolf Hardin: The Healing Journey:The Art of Herbalism, & Herbalist Art
Art Poster: Angelica Historic Print
Poster: Improbable Covers Series
Paul Bergner: The Herbal Rebel: Clarity On GMPs
Traditions In Focus:
Sean Donahue – Samuel Thomson: New England Root Doctor
Virginia Adi – Our Chthonic Origins
Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir – Practical Herbalism In The Scottish Tradition
Art Poster: Medicine Woman’s Gifts
Matthew Wood: EarthWise: Energetics of The Cardiovascular System Part. 3 of 5
Into The Forest:
Ananda Wilson: Tree Medicine For The Folk Herbalist
Art Poster: Joanna Powell Colbert – 5 of Earth
Sam Thayer: The Forager: On A Small Prairie (Rattler)

Poster: Diversity In Herbalism Series

Robin Rose Bennett: Chickweed
Kiva Rose: Alder River Medicine: Alder & The Human Ecology
Phyllis Light: Herbs For The Liver
Rebecca Altman: Salvia apiana
7Song: Botany Illuminated: Leaves Illuminated Part 2
A Distillation:
Rosalee de la Foret: Herbal Cabinet For The Colds & Flue Season
Jim McDonald: Foundational Herbcraft: Thermal Dynamics
Seeing Folks:
Sean Donahue: In The Trenches: Festival First Aid & Herbal Medicine
Katja Swift: Life After Hormonal Birth Control Part 3
John Gallagher: Weaving The Herbal Web: What Google Really Wants
Art Poster: Holly Sierra: Natura Madre
Aviva Romm: Birth Roots: Radical Herbalism In Women’s Health & Childrearing
Kristine Brown: Herbal Sprouts: Herbs of Autumn
I’m An Herbalist Too!:
Jane Valencia – Herbs To The Rescue: Treating Insect Stings & Bites
Paloma & Wings Learn About Yellow Jacket Treatments
Art Poster: Joanna Powell Colbert: 6 of Earth
Traditional Foodways:
Rebecca Altman: A New American Food Culture
Loba: In Celebration of Sauerkraut
Art Posters:
Rebecca Altman: Monarda & Black Sage
Loba: Cabbage Girl
Holly Sierra: Harvest Goddess
From the Ground Up:
Juliet Blankespoor: Growing At Risk Medicinal Plants
Art Poster: Anima Wunderkammer
The Gathering Basket:
Jesse Wolf Hardin: Imaginariums & Cabinets of Wonder
Excerpt from Spanish Mountain by Juliette Levy
SpiderWoman’s Pallet: The Art of Lauren Raine
Lauren Raine: Spider Woman’s Hands
Art Posters:
Wunderkammer 2: “I Shall Collect Plants…” Humboldt Quote
Madeline von Foerster: Redwood Wunderkammer
Madeline von Foerster: Amazon Wunderkammer
Wunderkammer 3: Modern Wunderkammer “Found None UnInteresting”
Lauren Raine: Earth Shrine
Lauren Raine: Black Madonna
Lauren Raine: Green Heart Icon
Plant Healer Interviews:
Ryan Drum, Margi Flint and Joanna Powell Colbert
Art Posters:
Joanna Powell Colbert: 9 of Earth
Joanna’s Nature Journal
Folk Herbalism Means Showing Your Colors
Kiva Rose Hardin: The Medicine Trail: A Life’s Work: Passionate Immersion

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