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Physical Healing with Crystals

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:15pm

Healing Crystals

Crystal healing is the belief that certain crystal (also known as charmstones) have metaphysical energies in them which can be used to heal the body and soul. While this idea is not accepted by most modern scientists, the art of using crystals for healing and other purposes has been practiced throughout history. Native American and Australian Aboriginal, the Shalagram and Lingam traditions in Hinduism, and others have used these stones. In modern times they have been popular with the New Age movement.

One theory behind crystal healing is that certain crystals vibrate energy at a particular rate, which, when put near the body, change the bodies aura and vibrational rate to correspond with that of the crystal. Crystals can be worn around the neck, or held next to the skin, or just carried on the person. A more advanced approach is to place stones or crystals along energy meridians and chakras.

Different Types Of Crystals

There are a wide variety of crystals out there, and they can have a wide variety of effects. Depending on what you want, different crystals will have different effects. You can combine crystals, although it is good not to use too many; one to three is a good number.

For healing wounds in the physical body, green aventurine is a good crystal. This can be worn around the neck, or placed on the part of the body which needs to be healed. Normal aventurine is good for circulation, and can aid the healing process. Emerald and/or frosted quartz are good for curing major illnesses, especially when combined with the wound healing of green aventurine.

If you have problems with hormones, green fluorite can be good as it works to balance hormones. This can be helpful for hormonal changes like PMS or menopause, or in general when something feels wrong emotionally and you are not sure what the cause is; hormonal changes can be hard to detect sometimes. Mexican Onyx can also help you sleep, which can be good in itself, or in helping you sleep deeper when you have other ills. Your birthstone may also have rejuvenating and healing powers for you.

Trial And Error

The workings of crystal energies are not well understood, so it can be up to you to determine exactly how they work on you and which ones are most effective. With trial and error, you can find what crystals or combination work best for you. Or, when looking at crystals, if you feel an intuitive draw towards any in particular, that may be its energies mixing with yours, or some part of you recognizing it as the one you need.

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