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pH Balance & Enzyme Therapy

Posted Mar 29 2010 1:48pm
A common misunderstanding about pH is that we are either alkaline or acidic. Many patients often say they are too acidic and want to know how to become more alkaline. First, how do they know their pH in the first place? Then, is it really true that being alkaline is healthier than being acidic? The answers are that they don’t really know their pH, and that a “moving” balance is the healthiest state.

As shown above, the body’s pH varies from system to system. This is part of the body’s natural compensatory mechanism to achieve homeostasis. In a healthy scenario, when the body tissue becomes more acidic, the urine pH will also drop. Conversely, the blood and saliva pH should increase, becoming more alkaline. It is when the body loses this ability to compensate that diseases may occur.

Transformation Enzymes researcher, Lisa Helfrich, lays out the science behind pH balance in the body, and how supplementation with enzymes can improve your body's ability to regulate this crucial factor for health.
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