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Pfizer gets scolded…again…for putting your health at serious risk

Posted Jul 02 2010 8:43am

Ready to NOT be shocked?


Big Pharma is once again putting your health in line behind their profits. Way behind as it turns out.


Drug giant Pfizer has deliberately been dragging their feet on reporting serious and unexpected side effects from its drugs that are already on the market and already in our medicine cabinets. In fact many of these serious side effects were not even submitted at all until they FDA uncovered them during an inspection.


And of course, you probably won’t be at all surprised to learn that these delays involve some of Pfizer’s top cash cows including Viagra, Lipitor, and Lyrica.


But if you think that’s bad wait…it gets better. Faced with too many unwanted serious side effects reports Pfizer came up with a clever way to resolve their little problem. Simply downgrade and reclassify serious adverse event reports as “non-serious.”


Tada!... problem magically resolved.


Meanwhile people unknowingly continued to take their drugs unaware of potential serious side effects that had been reported. And by serious, I mean the visual problems --including blindness -- that had been experienced by Viagra users, for example.


Oh, did I mention that these delays by Pfizer date all the way back to 2004?


But it’s okay. No need to worry. The FDA is on the job. In fact, they were so appalled by the situation that they have…well...issued a warning.


Yes, a 12-page-wrist-slap.


So for over five years Pfizer has been willfully putting our health at risk and they get a sternly worded “You’ve been bad kids!” from the FDA.


Knowing Pfizer’s track record for taking these kinds of things seriously I’m sure that should do it. After all the FDA’s stern-words worked wonders when they sent their first warning letter back in April. And of course there are the 4 times since 2004 that Pfizer’s been reprimanded and slapped with fines for their illegal marketing practices.


So what will it be this time Pfizer? Let me guess. A heartfelt apology and then back to business as usual?


Sure the FDA has threatened Pfizer that they need to shape up or else it could result in “legal action.” But heck they’ve been there before. No doubt they’ll just pay up again when the time comes and get back to their pill-pushing ways.


Come on FDA…sparing the rod is CLEARLY spoiling the Pfizer.


Thinking Pfizer needs much more than a tongue-lashing,

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