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Pearl Barley

Posted Apr 07 2011 11:36am

Pearl Barley (Job's Tear)

Pearl Barley, aka Job’s Tears or Coix, is commonly used in Chinese medicine for arthritis, indigestion, or any phlegm reduced ailments etc. Not widely used in the cooking world, this starch is used less frequently then others- maybe because the lack of taste or its chewy texture. Little do we know, the effort to incorporate this nutritious starch into salads and stews is wonderfully beneficial for our bones and digestive system.





Medicinal Properties

  1. Drains water, humility, and phlegm in our musculoskeletal system: arthritis induced by humidity and undiagnosed edema.
  2. Promotes better digestion: chronic diarrhea, indigestion.
  3. Drains pus, dampness externally and internally: tumors, acne, yeast infection, allergies, skin ailments with pus discharge.

Traditional Medicinal Uses in TCM

  1. Chronic diarrhea: buy roasted barley tea from Korean/Japanese supermarkets and drink daily.
  2. Arthritis, edema, and tumors: incorporate at least 1/2 cup of barley into your daily meals: salads, soup, stews, porridge etc.
  3. Yeast infection and allergies : ground 1 cup of raw barley and consume 2 tbsp/2 times a day daily, until symptoms subsides.
  4. Skin ailments with pus discharge or acne acting up: sprinkle pearl barley powder onto the wound with aloe vera gel, wash off in 30 minutes.

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