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Peace vs. Terrorism

Posted May 02 2011 3:20pm
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

In light of the Osama bin Laden event (either Sunday night or Monday morning - depending on where on Earth you are) we were told that US military has killed Osama bin Laden. Many sighs of relief and many families who lost a loved one on 9/11 feel justified to a degree...

...but don't we (as a unified world) deserve to SEE the body as most do at a wake or service of the deceased?

We need conclusive evidence to put our hearts and minds to rest along side the horrific past of 10 years ago.

When the US captured Saddam Hussein, didn't we take him to court and then finally put him to death? Wouldn't we have done the same thing to bin Laden? Why would we have opened fire upon him without court charges and proper punishment and death?

It was a long time coming and a very hard 10 years. It does feel good to see in writing something that we all have been yearning for since the 9/11 attacks.

Whether we believe his death or not, it still felt good to see his name with the words "dead" along side it.

The war on terror is long from over. Terrorism is a violation of rights and whenever there is violent attacks anywhere, terrorism is still alive.

International peace and relations is the key to ending the war on terrorism. Co-existing together as allies is the key to ending this war. When I say co-existing, I do not mean running through a field with flowers singing a song from the 1960's. (That would be fun to fantasize that however). Co-existing means to reside on one planet and be friends and help each other if need be. Where there are friends, there is no greed or selfishness.

We should be able to cross into each others countries freely and visit other countries as we visit our own countries.

We are all the same person, but with a different appearance. We all have the same needs and the same heart. Nobody wants anything bad to fall upon them or their families.

Practice human kindness and peace.
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