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Peace of Mind Featured on Daily Om

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:05pm

Here is what Scott of Daily Om said about “Peace of Mind”  our relaxation CD for managing stress:

“Whatever the external circumstances, peace and harmony are yours,” declares registered nurse Sharon M. O’Connor at the start of her therapeutic CD of creative-visualization exercises, Peace of Mind. With all the crazy stimulation we get each day—news of violence and horror on the TV and radio, it’s easy to forget that we’re even “allowed” to enjoy life uninhibitedly. “Remembering” the joy and peace that is “your birthright” is what O’Connor offers here. Over soothing assemblages of New Age music—flutes, drowsy guitars, and fluttering synths—the rapturous yet steady voice of O’Connor guides us toward this goal with the loving patience of a young mother helping a baby take its first steps.

The liner notes remind us that “It is fine to fall asleep while the CD is playing; the mind hears and remembers what is helpful.” It’s easy to do just that with O’Connor’s languid, luxurious phrasing and pacing. When she says, “Allow yourself to let go of your worldly concerns for a while…know you will return from this mental vacation with a renewed sense of well-being,” she has the assured authority of an experienced caregiver. Our defenses automatically lower; we trust her. Her voice is sultry and delicious, sexy even, when she urges to imagine a pool of blue water, and birds serenading you with songs. You not only believe it but you want her to be there, like a mother made of sunlight and blue water, cradling you in her fragrant embrace.

Highly recommended for its instant effectiveness, Peace of Mind is not the sort of thing you want to play while driving or doing dishes. Her voice should come with an Rx symbol and drowsy-eye caution label (I mean that in a good way) as well as a comfy blanket. Best of all, her affirmations and visualizations get right to the heart of the matter of what’s wrong and open doors toward a better way of living. With a short intro track and two longer meditation tracks, it’s easy to listen to the whole disc, or you could just skip to one of the two meditations. Whatever you choose to do, just close your eyes and follow her lead, remembering deep in your center that “no matter what has occurred in the past, no matter what you hear on the TV or radio…love, joy, happiness, health, and prosperity are among the most important of our birthrights.”

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