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Nutrition and exercise helps anti-ageing, not face creams

Posted Dec 02 2008 4:53am

anti-ageing Nutrition and exercise helps anti-ageing, not face creams The latest British research states that anti-ageing face creams and supplements have little or no effect and are a waste of money. If you want to stay looking young, you should exercise and eat the right food.

The study found that anti-ageing creams and pills containing antioxidant ingredients did not work or had little impact on holding back the years. To remain looking young you should have a nutritionally balanced diet, eat the right amount of food and exercise on a regular basis.

Researchers at University College London challenged the idea that free radicals, the molecules that attack cells when food is turned to energy, are to blame for ageing and antioxidants lead the fight against that attack.

The study carried out on worms showed no increase in the attack of free radicals when less of the naturally protective enzyme was produced. Subsequently, the lifespan of the worm was not affected.

However, Green Tea was seen to be beneficial due to its variety of compounds that protect against a range of tissue and cell attackers and not just free radicals.

So, antioxidants alone are not responsible for anti-ageing. Instead of spending money on creams and pills, improve your nutrition and develop a regular exercise regime.

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