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Next Saturday, April 7th, my sis...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:22pm
Next Saturday, April 7th, my sister and I are having another birthday dinner party at the Oliver Garden Italian Restaurant with other friends celebrating March and April birthdays.

Here's my invitation from and all the terrific responses from friends and family.

Hello, Aloha, Alii!

It's that time again for March birthday celebrations! Last year I revived a personal tradition of celebrating my birthday all month long!!

With friends and family spread out from across the street and across counties in the California area we'll be celebrating just as we did in Virginia years ago. Not everybody come to a party at the same time and place, so why not just get together at different times throughout the month? Movies and popcorn, sushi and sake, tapas and flamenco (and the tango!), and so on.

But for those of you who aren't a hop, skip, and a jump away, I'm inviting you to this very special virtual tea and chocolate party. And for my good friends who are also March babies (Michela, Matt, Judy, Ciara, Lisa...), this party is in your honor as well. If you're not big on celebrating your birthday, no worries! I'll be happy to party on your behalf, heheheh.

Hau'oli La Hanau, Ungil Tangiobi, and Happy Birthday, my friends!

with love,


Carolyn Smith (03/20)
I'd love to come, LYDIA. I'll have to polish up my wings and be sure they're powerful enough. And I bet I"ll be the oldest one there. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! - and MANY more!! CAN YOU HEAR US SINGING?? Much love to you Carolyn Smith

DesnMaxMia Cremer (+ 2 guests) (03/19)
Yeay!! Go Lydia!! Happy Birhtday from Des, Mia and Max. Having some Toblerone triangles in your honor right now....YUM! But you're a Hershey's Dark kine of girl, if I remember correctly...?? heehee...
many cheers,

Priscilla Thakurdas (03/19)
Happy Birth girl

mirjam kik (03/19)
I want to wish you very many happy years to come. I like to come to your party but I agree with pat lusher ( who and all the others who are celebrating there birthday in march and any other month( can't be early enough) I am gratulating) I have no idea what this is and how to come to your party.
Veel liefs,
Mirjam Kik

Cynthia Kee (03/18)
My dearest Lydia: I'm glad you're reviving your birthday celebration for the entire month. I too believe that birthdays are extremely special - it is the day that we can celebrate how our lives are much richer just because you were born. With lots of aloha from all your halau sisters in Washington DC.

Michela (Micky) (03/18)
Hi Lydia! I will be very happy to take part to this event. This year I was in the mood to celebrate too and latest March 4th I was invited for lunch from some relatives and in the evening I invited many friends home for a dinner. I am happy to celebrate with you and reiki friends. Happy birthday to you and other march friends.

Penelope D Freeman (03/17)
I would love to attend if my health allows me to. My birthday #50 is on the 28th of March. Supposedly, I was to be going to Fresdon on he 25th but something's telling me that with all of the multiple surgical interventions recentily, I see myself staying close to the house. Hope that I don't have to end up doing yuour on-line celebration.

Patricia Lusher (03/17)
Hi Lydia, I will be happy to attend the March birthday party in your virtual home on March 27 at 7:00 pm if you will tell me how I do so. I have never even heard of virtual birthday parties, but would like to learn what they are first handl Guess what!! My own birthday is on March 30, so this will be a birthday party for ME, too. Thanks for inviting me.

Joy Labez (03/17)
HAU'OLI LA HANAU from your hula sisters in Virginia and the greater Washington, D.C., area! On your birthday, as always, we CELEBRATE YOU! Aloha from Joy, Cyn, Stevie, Ku'uipo, Doreen, Juanita, Kumu, et. al.

Gregoria Smith (03/17)
Great idea! Always great to remember birthdays. Let me send you a Buddhist blessing: "May you have peace, May you awaken to the light of your own true nature, May you be healed, May you be a source of healing to all beings." And you have been a source of healing to many.

Malia Waro (03/17)
Happy Happy Birthday! I never turn down tea and chocolates, in fact, I celebrate year long with sweet chocolates, yummy. I hope all you March Babies have a wonderful month of celebration and plenty of St. Patricks fabulous luck. Take care Lydia!

Judy (JudynStevie) (03/17)
Stevie and I would love to attend. Which birthday is this? #30? I'm glad to see that carpooling is an option. BTW, I'm an April baby. We Aries sisters rock!

martyn carroll (03/17)
i would love to attend love! im out of hospital and almost back on my feet see yu soon

Karen James (03/17)
Would love to join you. I will phone you soon as I am at home with broken rib It has been a long time since we talked. I miss your cheery self so much !

Ron Smith (03/17)
Ak Ulterekokl el mei! (virtually) We will pick a day here in Houston and celebrate your birthday. I'll let you know when, so you can (virtually) join us!

Ellen U (03/26)
Have a great Birthday unsure what my schedule will be tomorrow. Chocolate and tea is good all the time but always better when celebrating events. Have fun!

Sheryl Morris (03/25)
Hiya Lydia ! Well HAPPIE BIRTHDAYYY TO YOUUUU !!! LA LA LAA LAA LAA LAAA LAAAAAAAA ! I can't say for sure if I can make it, got my other half here flying out of town on Tuedsay and have the pups to do stuff with, but I'll try if I'm here at that time to virtually pop in ! :) .. HAPPIE BIRTHDAY FUZZIES ! Sheryl :)

Amy Manuel (03/26)
Happy Birthday Lydia! My apologies, due to the time difference, I believe I will be at work with my class of gorgeous grade 1s & 2s... Maybe we can sing you an absent happy birthday ;o) Have a wonderful day!

Wyatt Waro (03/25)
Aloha Lydia and HAPPy BIRThDay! Mahalo for all your help earlier this year. Matthew is doing well now. Remember that chocolate cake we used to get at that Thai place in Shirlington? Brings back some nice memories... Have a wonderful birthday this year and some tasty chocolate something to celebrate! your friend,

Jo Breen (03/23)
Lydia, I wish I weren't so far away! I'd love to join you for your birthday celebration... just wish I weren't on the East Coast! I will be with you in spirit, my friend! Happy, happy birthday!
Much love,

joaquina ulenghong (03/18)
Dear Idich, We will not be physically there to help you celebrate but we will do something at home to honor and celebrate with you on this special day. Our prayers and love are always with you. Mechikung ea Dios obengkem. Kina

Sister member (03/18)
Sorry I cannot attend, but I hope it is wonderful!

Veronica Hansen (03/17)
Have a wonderful celebration and enjoy your special day

Catherine Stinneford-DHNIRT (03/17)
Oh, Lydia, it sounds lovely. But 3000 miles is 3000 miles. I'll be there in spirit and Happy, Happy Birthday!

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