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New Spinach Pill will help You Loose Weight

Posted Sep 07 2008 2:19am

stop over eating Did you ever feel full but still wanted more?
Or maybe you just have to eat something sweet after dinner.

Those days will soon be over.

“The new spinach pill will make us feel full and satisfied.”

Learning to manage hunger and stop overeating is one of the keys to successful weight loss. This is what the new diet pill will help us with.

And the ingredient is: Spinach

What is Spinach so effective?

The secret of spinach weight loss properties lies in thylakoid. The thylakoids are a mixture of proteins that slow down the digestion of fat and increase the serotonin levels in our brains. As long as fat stays in the intestine we feel satisfied.

This results in a product which makes us:

  1. Feel full.
  2. Feel satisfied.

Thylakoids can be found in green leaf and some expect them to soon become an ingredient in normal products such as yogurt, bread and burgers.

According to Professor Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, who is is well known for her research activities within obesity and appetite regulation, it will be enough with around 10 gram spinach powder daily to loose weight.

The patented diet pill is not yet released on the market. But that last round of tests have been initiated and production start is planned for this fall.

Foods rich in Thylakoids.

Thylakoids can be found in green leaf vegetables, such as:

  • Different types of lettuce
  • Herbs e.g. mint, oregano and sage
  • Cabbage
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Watercress
  • Spinach

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