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New Silver Protects The Body From Diseases

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:10pm
Ok we've all seen or heard about the blue man on the Oprah show, who says he took high doses of a silver solution he made himself at home. The silver did heal him but in the process he turned blue. Some of the articles I've read about him say that his homemade solution was in the 3000 parts per million category.

Well here's the scoop on Nature Sunshine's Silver Shield product. It is a patented technology using nano sized particles to neutralize pathogens. At 18 parts per million, this Silver Shield has far more benefits with less concentrations and is absolutely safe.

Check out these statistics;
  • Kills 99% of most bacteria, yeasts, and molds within ten minutes
  • Continues to kill pathogens with catalytic, not chemical action
  • Can be used internally as well as topically
  • Is non-toxic and safe at recommended levels

Here 's the lowdown on how it works. Stay with me cause it gets kind of technical. First of all, the silver is supercharged, requiring 10,000 electro volts to manufacture it for its unique chemical structure. And using nano technology, it is small enough to enter a single red blood cell. Each silver particle is surrounded by a chemical shell that is missing two electrons, which is called ionic because it carries a charge. The small silver particles hunt around in our bodies for pathogens so they can attach themselves to them and their thin cell walls to rip out one or two of the electrons that the silver is wanting. By rupturing the cell membranes to get to the electrons of the pathogen, the pathogen dies. Our normal cells have thicker, more protected membranes and a more balanced charge resulting in protection against the silver. Good cells and silver also have a sugary coating around them, which lets them communicate as "friendly" cells.

There is more. Each silver particle resonates or vibrates at a frequency that disrupts and kills viruses, bacteria and yeast. It has been measured at between 890 and 910 terahertz. This vibration is the perfect frequency to be destructive to pathogen cells. And also, since each pathogen's DNA carries a slight magnetic charge, the supercharged metallic silver acts like a magnet, attracting the pathogen into its grip and tangling its DNA into a chaotic mess, which keeps it from being able to reproduce.

Did you get all of that...

Here's some other information for you. Liquid silver is odorless, colorless and relatively tasteless. I put a teaspoon directly into my mouth and it tastes like water. But you can put it in juices also. It usually only takes 2-6 minutes for the silver to destroy 99% of bacteria, viruses, molds and other pathogens it contacts. You can take it everyday, which provides you with an internal "disinfectant."

Here's some of its other uses;

  • As mentioned, as a drink, it circulates the body, selectively incapacitating harmful bacteria and viruses. And because it's inorganic, by the second day, 99% will be eliminated from the body.
  • For sore throats, spray it in your throat or gargle with it.
  • For ear infections, applying drops inside the ear once or twice a day.
  • For sinus infections, spray it into the nose a few times daily.
  • As a mouthwash.
  • For foot and toe fungus, eye infections, skin acne or rashes.
  • For wounds, as it acts like an antimicrobial agent.

Personally, I don't know why more of us aren't taking Silver Shield. It is better than antibiotics because it doesn't harm the good cells and doesn't create yeast infestations in our bodies like antibiotics do. My wife and I both work in an office together and everyone around us is getting the flu, some so serious they've gone to the hospital. We remain unaffected and healthy.

If you'd like to buy Nature Sunshine's Silver Shield, visit our website at www.

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