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Neck, ear and hair acne

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:54pm

I have small pimples along the hair line, in the nose and ear cavities, along the neck and top middle of the back (bottom of the neck). Does the hairline and jaw/neck area correspond with the kidneys? Could the kidneys be overwhelmed from too much protein? (Or too much of one protein?) I have been following MT diet well for a few years, addressing adrenal fatigue and
estrogen dominance with much success.

ANSWER: Small pimples in the orrfices and along the neck do not correlate with the KD. The bladder meridian, GB, SI, San jaio and Du merdians cross parts of the back of the neck. As for the ears, they do correlate with the kidney. But if there were KD yang excess or fire symptoms, there would not be pimples. Pimples in TCM are typically due to heat of some sort. Summer is actually the season that is correlated with wind heat and wind phlegm attacks in TCM, so that would make sense. As well, the Chinese believe that the “wind” pathogen gets inside the body through the back of the neck through the Du, GB or SJ meridians. INTERNAL (more chronic, longer lasting and slow to go away)
Lung Heat With Heat In The Blood - heat up surging to the face (not causing cough) causing red pimples with heat and pain in the local area. They will have a red complexion and have pusy eruptions.

Damp Heat In Large Intestine And Stomach - usually relates to diet causing phlegm heat. Red swollen eruptions with a shiny oily complexion, pusy eruptions, nodules, itchiness, pain, constipation and dark yellw urine with a decreased appetite.

Spleen Dysfunction With Damp Phlegm - spleen is unable to transform and transport dampness which turns to phlegm which turns to heat. Dull red complexion with deep eruptions, nodules, slow healing acne which leaves scarring So one of my recs would be to go see an acupuncturist to get a treatment, but some herbs as well to clear heat, and cool the blood. You say she has been addressing adrenal fatigue and hormone balancing? With what, how long, etc? I find most women (besides the above) who have skin issues are estrogen dominance. I would redo the hormone panel to see where her progest levels are at, to make sure what she is doing is actually working. As well, most women (if on too high of a dose) will get acne, oily skin, increased hair growth, etc if their dose of DHEA is too high. I would reduce the does and you will see great results.

Joshua Rubin

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