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Natural ways to beat sinus problems?

Posted by Kristen D.

I can't take it anymore. I used to get sinus colds and infections once every season, and that was manageable I guess, but now they're much more one that just might be coming on today. The symptoms are the usual-pressure, headache, sore throat, stuffy nose. I wonder-are there any natural ways to help deal with the symptoms and get rid of the infection? And is it true that dairy products can worsen such problems?
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Let me know if find the answer. My nose is so constantly stuffed on a low-grade level I have no idea what it's like to have a clear nose anymore. I don't want to use drugs to clear it up. I do have some slight allergies (that I was treated for a long time ago). I don't think it's the dairy because I don't drink milk and do not have enough cheese consistently to make a difference. I have tried antiseptic nose sprays (to clear out bacteria) as well as acupuncture. I even have a hypnosis audio I tried a while back (I just found it and I think I will try it again). On an energetic level I have this theory that stuffy noses and blocked sinuses are the result of tears that were repressed way back when. So try crying out some of that old stuff and see what that does for you. (I'm trying it myself!)
Yoga helped my Dad. My dad used to have the same problems that you have mentioned. He even got a small nose operation done about 20 years back but it did not really help. But he has been doing yoga for about a year now and he himself says that his sinus is much better now. I do not know whether this is scientifically correct, but I am guessing that sinus has to do with nose and the throat, and since yoga focuses a lot on breathing properly, maybe that is what helped my dad. And the best part is that yoga would not have any side effects.
Yoga didn't help me though.... Not to discount yoga helping your dad, but I do yoga regularly and it has not had a noticeable effect on my sinus problems. In fact, there's nothing worse than trying to do pranayama when your nose is stuffed up. Sometimes I have had to bring some menthol balm to put under my nose if I go to a class that includes breath of fire or alternate nostril breathing. The breathing exercises don't help at all when your nose is stuffed up, just make it very uncomfortable to do the exercise. Yoga postures also haven't done squat for my sinuses. I do feel better overall though. That's been my experience. I'm not putting down yoga (I'm a huge fan of yoga) but for me at least it has not helped the sinuses.
Great Book. If you are thinking that your "seasonal" or constant sinus problem is a psychosomatic, then read Dianetics. A simple step by step procedure is described in that book that works. Book has been around more than 50 years. The best self-help ever. You might even pick one up in a used book store; but I believe, another edition is being released soon.
Try a neti pot. The neti pot is an ancient Ayurvedic cleansing technique, meaning "water cleansing," where you rinse out the nasal cavity with water (typically mixed with salt to form a saline solution for comfort) using a pot. The practice is now gaining headway in western culture under the term nasal irrigation, and it is used to treat a variety of conditions, including sinus problems. I can't confirm if it works or not since my neti pot is brand new, but it is said to reduce sinus problems and eliminate allergies if you use it often enough.
Praise for the neti pot. Or "nose fountain" as my boyfriend likes to call it. I actually use one of those whenever I feel the start of a sinus problem coming on, and during an infection, as it is important to keep the sinuses clear to prevent the infection and keep it from worsening. It is a strange sensation knowing that the water is going in one nostril and out the other, but it does provide plenty of relief!
Give up dairy. If you suffer with sinus problems, it is very possible you are intolerant to cow's milk. I can't recommend highly enough to go off all cow's milk and see what happens. I know many people who have seen a huge difference.
You can also sit in a steam room to help loosen congestion. And you don't need to go to your local spa or gym to find a steam room; you can create one in your bathroom. Turn the water on very hot, but don't get in a sit by the tub or shower. You can also use eucalyptus oil or peppermint.
Neti neti neti. I couldn't do without it!
Sandra, Thanks for asking about how I'm feeling. I'd been doing fine for a while, but the sinus issues have kicked back into gear. I've been following some of the advice here to keep it at bay though. My nose, throat and head aches haven't been nearly as bad. I went to that remedies link, and I might consider adding a bit of baking soda to my salt and water mixture, although I'm a little weary of changing something that's worked for me. But since the problems still linger and still cause discomfort, I figure it may not hurt to try some new alternatives. Thanks for the suggestion!

Neti pot with a saline solution is the way to go. And give up dairy all together.

I was "forced" to use a Neti pot while visiting a friend when I was sick. That was over 2 years ago and I haven't stopped using it. It was even featured on Oprah! Can't beat that.

I saw that on Oprah too while ago on a business trip. I was in the gym, and there was a teaser with people on the street guessing what this genie's lamp-looking thing was. I was practically shouting at the screen-"It's a neti pot! A neti pot!"

Not one of my finer, but definitely one of my funnier, moments. Fortunately, for my ego at least, no one else was in the gym with me.

In reading the other posts - I put my vote in also for using a neti pot!

Another thing I would recommend is finding a good acupuncturist. I see one regularly and he has helped me with my sinus problems.

I can tell you for sure that dairy does a number on my sinuses. Every time. I switched to lactose-free milk and it made all the difference. Gotta have milk in my coffee, you know, ha.

Sinsusitis can be caused by infection but also by allergies. In the case of dairy, you're looking at an allergy but I'd also take steps to deal with infection. One of the best things is truly saline. I haven't used a neti pot but just squirting saline up my nose every hour or so has helped me knock out sinus congestion.

The other thing that helps tremendously when I suspect infection is oregano oil capsules. I LOVE them. They are so potent.

Finally, and only because I'm an energy medicine practitioner, I would mention that the sinus area is associated with the emotional field. I'm aware that cyclic trouble, that is to say something that tends to happen often or the same time every year, can be event-related and part of the healing is tracking down the first time it happened and seeing what may have been emotionally suppressed during that time.

more info on sinusitis

I just starting going to an acupuncturist for treatment 2 weeks ago for various issues. The first thing I noticed from the therapy was that my sinuses cleared (at least temporarily), which hasn't occurred in eons. Besides the needles, I'm getting cupped & I have started herbs via capsules this week. I'm hopeful that with continued treatment the sinus pressure will be resolved (or at least reduced). Happy Springtime, everyone!
I agree on the neti pot and giving up dairy as well. I've been using my neti pot off and on for a while, and switched to soy milk instead of regular milk. I have way less sinus problems than I had before. You can pick up a neti pot at walgreens for next to nothing, and it comes with pre-mixed packets of the solution. It's great!!!

Hi Kristen, I have been suffering sinus problem for I can't remember how many years. Neti pot does help and it is a natural way. A few things to keep in mind while doing neti:1) should be done in an empty stomach (preferably in the morning) 2) blow your nose completely before and after neti 3) water is lukewarm and tastes like tear (little salt) 4) breadth strictly from the mouth

There are several demonstration you can view on youtube by typing Netipot in search section. All the Best,

I'll chime in with the other acupuncturists here -- Chinese medicine can be a great way to deal with chronic sinus problems. With a serious sinus infection, sometimes acupuncture and herbs help even where several courses of antibiotics haven't.

And, there are several good ways to use herbs preventatively. There is a simple formula that helps boost the immune system in people who catch cold easily/frequently. Some people take it all winter and stay healthy. Also, there are herbal formulas and acupuncture treatments that can nip colds in the bud, before they settle into the sinuses. I suggest people keep those herbs on hand so they can take them the minute they get those first nagging symptoms. You can talk to an acupuncturist/herbalist about which specific formulas would be best for you.

As a historical note -- a lot of Chinese medicine was developed during times of plague in China. These epidemics often began with cold-like symptoms, so a lot of work went into treating things like sore throat and congestion before they get worse... making Chinese medicine remarkably helpful with colds and flu.

I have a housedust allergy, and thus deal with sinus problemns all of the time. My fiancee makes her own all-natural soy candles that have no synthetic colors or fragrance oils, and just pure essential oils. Her eucalyptus candle that she calls "Breathe" works wonders for me. Here is her website is you are interested:
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