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Natural Treatments for Anxiety

Posted Apr 13 2010 8:32am
Let's cut to the chase, can homeopathy help anxiety? The answer is: homeopathy has to be the BEST medicine for overcoming anxiety. I have had anxiety cases where the patient is profusely sweating, their feet shaking and voice trembling. And after 1 dose of remedy they have become very grounded, and well. The secret to curing anxiety is understanding WHAT it is.

It is a coping emotion.

Anxiety is created as a by product of a deeper feeling, do you know what that is?


Unresolved fears create anxiety. Why else would it exist? We feel anxious when there is something we do not want to face within ourselves because it creates too much discomfort.  So anxiety is created when we do not want to face the stronger more difficult fearful emotion. That what is going on. Simple as that.

To heal anxiety from a homeopathic perspective requires uncovering the inner fears driving the nervousness. This is our job. We prescribe on the fears NOT on the anxiety. We always go for the GUSTO....the root cause.

Let us discuss a few homeopathic remedies to give you a good understanding of how we come to our selections. These are only a few of the many remedies we have, but notice the difference in each.

Zincum: Zincum is ZINC, a mineral, and the key feeling or fear of zincum is this overwhelming demand which they feel they can not accomplish. Like a family that expects perfect grades from their child, and the child feels that the task is too impossible to achieve. But they must achieve it, their survival depends on it. So it creates a kind of anxiety where the feet tremble, there is profuse sweating, and obvious intense stress, it is very visible on the zincum patient.

Arg n: It is nitrate of silver. A dreadful anxiety that comes from a feeling of being trapped, that something terrible is about to happen if they do not escape. The need to escape is so intense, they will habour irrational thoughts such as :the need to jump off a bridge, run into traffic, or jump out of a window. Anything to ESCAPE, even if it poses immediate danger to the patient. The fear they will lose control and one day act upon their intense irrational motives is a deep concern for them. The deeper feelings within them are feelings of being forsaken, left out, and hated by his peers. But their outer appearance is reserved, sad and tacturn. So you don't see the anxiety as strongly.

APIS: Honey bee. These people are visibly anxious. They are talkative, wide eyed,  flightly, and often gesture with their hands. They are barely able to keep a train of thought or sentence strung together for very long. Their anxiety shows up when you demand anything from them, that requires them to be responsible and committed. Their biggest fear is committment and responsibility. When it is asked from them they feel fearful, and take OFF, like a BEE!! They are unreliable, selfish and completely absorbed in their own world. They have difficulty with relationships, parenting, and being an employee.

Note: All of the remedies suffer from anxiety but it expresses itself differently in every scenerio, and all of them have different FEARS driving the symptoms. So this is why we tell patients that there is no ONE remedy for anxiety, or cancer, or depression. Now do you know why?

Lindsay Tietz, BSc, HD
Owner Intention to Heal
Homeopathic Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Nutrition Expert
Proudly Serving The Toronto Danforth Area Directly 

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