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Natural Treatment For Burns

Posted Mar 09 2010 10:19am
This is the story of Jane Doe and Janice Doe.  What do Jane Doe and Janice Doe have in common?

They both love golf and planned on spending the long weekend up in Oakville golfing the pretigious Glen Abbey golf course.

Where are they now?

Jane Doe happily spent the Friday in Glen Abbey soaking in the sun, and golfing just under par for the course.  Janice on the other hand couldn't make it, she had a tragic accident. In fact Jane Doe had the SAME accident as Janice. On Thursday, they both had accidents of their own......they were both burned very badly. Janice on the BBQ and Jane on the stove. But what happened? Why is Jane OK and Janice not ok?

Let's investigate.  It was tragic, Jane was attempting to make green eggs and ham, when suddenly the frying pan tipped, and the oil spilled and badly burned her hands. She was screaming in pain, her hands went red, then they started to turn purple, and she knew after that the pus and boils and permanent nerve damage were coming.

Fortunately for Jane she had a pharmacopia of homeopathic remedies on hand and quickly gave herself a 200c of Cantharsis dry dose under the tongue. Within minutes the pain subsided, the feelings in her hands returned and the unslightly purple color had vanished. She was OK.  No blistering, no pus, and no cancellation to Glen Abbey.

Poor ole Janice didn't have anything in sight to help her. Why? Janice does not believe in alternative medicine. It's  woo hoo, hocus pocus, out there, hog wash, bollucks, baloney, horsefeathers, scam , sham, hooey, pooey, and poppycock  (that's my favorite).

Everytime she hears natural anything, the theme song for the X- Files starts playing in her pee brain.

Well Janice ain't going to NO pretigious golf club this long weekend ! Nadda, no way hose, nay, nix, that's a negative, and not on yer life !

Cantharsis  , or Spanish fly,  is a homeopathic remedy for raw scalding, burns before blisters form, first degree burns, and healing from burns. It's one of the homeopathic remedies a family should keep in their medicine cabinet at all times.

Lindsay Tietz, BSc, HD
Owner Intention to Heal
Homeopathic Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Nutrition Expert
Proudly Serving The Toronto Danforth Area Directly 


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