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Natural Suntan: More Sun Less Cancer

Posted Apr 01 2009 11:22pm

tanning For a long time they have been wondering why there are so many cases of breast cancer in Sweden. That was until they considered sunlight.
Research is now pointing towards, what health gurus have said for years, that sunlight actually PREVENTS cancer.
It’s not “just” cancer that sunlight has an effect on. One study showed that the risk of dying from MS could be reduced by 76% though sun exposure.

Sunlight can help cure and prevent almost every disease:

  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Asthma
  • Lack of energy
  • Diabetets
  • Bad breath
  • Arthiris
  • Weight gain
  • Headahes
  • Male erectile dysfuction

And the list goes on..

In short sunlight  is great for you.

The truth is: almost nothing on this planet can live without sunshine. We are no exception.

How About Skin cancer ?

People are worried about skin cancer.
But it is NOT sun light that cause skin cancer. All our chemical loaded lotions do. And I don’t really trust those tanning beds..

Sunscreen is full of toxinx. Take for example oxybenzone, the principal ingredient in most sunscreens. CDC believes that 97% of Americans are contaminated  with oxybenzone. The interesting thing about oxybenzone is that researcher don’t seem to care about it. It was last researched for safety in the 70:ties. But it causes skin irritation, eye irritation, respiratory tract irritation and nausea and vomiting. And it can pass through the skin.
Luckily you can find sunscreen with natural, organic ingredients. They contain nothing toxic or unnatural.

  Certified organic skincare are products certified to the same standards as food. Which basically means that you can eat them. Those are the only products I put on my skin .

But when it comes to sunscreen your first option should always be NOT to use it. I figured out how to suntan naturally years ago . It works for me and it works for my kids. It’s great!
You can also eat foods that build up your skin's natural protection  . These foods:

  1.  lets you stay longer in the sun without burning
  2. makes your skin less dry and wrinkly
  3. protects you skin against inflammation in case you do get too much sun.

Sounds great? It is.

By the way. Did you know that your skin turn green if you eat too many green veggies?

I’m writing article on that for the moment.

Image by Rickydavid
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