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Natural Remedies for Impotence

Posted May 06 2010 10:47pm 1 Comment

Impotence is a difficult condition for men to deal with. They feel a great sense of embarrassment, and possibly even failure when they fail to perform sexually – regardless of the cause. Fortunately, impotence is not usually incurable, and there are certain things that you can try to remedy the situation – even without discussing the situation with your doctor. You simply need some natural remedies for impotence.

natural remedies for impotence

Find the Cause of Impotence

The first step to treating impotence naturally is to find the cause of the impotence. The cause can be either mental, physical, or a combination of the two. Additionally, impotence can be caused by medications and illegal drugs. Alcohol can also contribute to impotence. Although it isn’t as common, tobacco can also cause impotence.

If you’ve ruled out medications, drugs, or alcohol, you need to look at the other mental or physical causes of impotence to discover what the problem is, and to determine whether a natural remedy for impotence will work as opposed to medical treatment.

The Mental Causes and Remedies for Impotence

The leading cause of impotence, from a mental standpoint, is stress. This could be work related stress, relationship stress, or personal stress. If there is stress in your life this could be causing your impotence. Find ways to reduce this stress to see if this takes care of the problem.

Unfortunately, if you’ve experienced impotence on just one occasion, the chances are greater that you will experience it again in the near future simply because you experienced it once. This impotence comes from fear of impotence essentially, and the surest way to avoid this is to stop putting pressure on yourself to perform sexually.

Finally, examine your relationship. If you are in a committed relationship, and you suddenly start experiencing impotence with no apparent cause, talk to your partner and consider counseling to ensure that something in the relationship isn’t causing the impotence.

The Physical Causes and Remedies for Impotence

Physically, make sure that you don’t drink or smoke twenty four hours before you plan to have sex if you’ve experienced impotence to see if this is the problem. Also avoid any illicit drugs, and if you are taking prescription medication, talk to your doctor about the problem to see if those medications are causing the problem.

It is possible that you’ve received an injury that is causing your impotence as well. If you remember any recent injuries that caused pain in the region of your penis, and you start experiencing impotence, you might do well to visit your doctor after all.

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I first became interested in the topic of ED and impotence when my partner wasn't interested in sex much. At first I thought it was me but then when stumbling blogs on the issue, including this one , I thought this must be such a big thing for men since very few talk about it openly.
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