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natural reedies for oral thrush

Posted by juvitwos

my tongue is white, my baby has thursh, could I have got it, and how do I get rid of it.
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By Dr. Victor Zeines (DDS, of

A white tongue is indicative of toxins being released or of poor circulation. Is it the surface of the tongue that has a white coating or is the tongue white? You certainly can get thrush from your child. The best thing to do to get rid of it is to:
1. Take Nystatin lounges and suck on them all day
2. You need to build up your immune system. Thrush is evidence of a poorly working system. We all have thrush in small amounts in our mouths but it's only a problem when our systems are not working properly. Rinse with the Natural Dentist Herbal Mouth and Gum therapy that you can get in most drug stores or go to and get the mouthrinse and use that. Teatree oil as a rinse can also be somewhat effective, but with all the above you must use the Nystatin.
3. Also lots fruit and veggies to build up your system. Go to and use the VitalBoost 2x/day morning and early afternoon to supplement your food intake.
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