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Natural Detoxification Products that Help Regulate and Cleanse your Body

Posted Oct 18 2009 3:43am
Everyone, no matter how careful you are, somehow consumes minute traces of toxins each day. Foods may contain tiny amounts of herbicides or pesticides in addition to growth hormones and various preservatives. Food dyes, chemicals, fillers and even tranquilizers and antibiotics have been found in food. Polluting your body has never been easier. That is why you need to detoxify your body on occasion for optimal health and performance.

Natural Detoxification Products

These toxins can build up in your body, particularly in naturally detoxifying organs such as the kidneys, liver and even the skin. If these organs are compromised, so is your health. The good news is there are a few natural detoxification products that can help regulate your digestive system as well as cleanse the body. The result is a stronger immune system and the ability to fight off infection and disease. There is no need to follow any professed detoxifying diets as many of them are devoid of essential nutrients. By just adding a few key foods into your diet, your body will undergo a natural detoxification.

1. Flaxseed – Flaxseed has several properties which are beneficial for the body, with detoxifying properties being one of them. The natural oils of this flaxseed lubricate your intestinal walls so that any toxins are absorbed by the oil and then eliminated by the body rather than absorbed into the intestine itself. In addition, flaxseed provides both soluble as well as insoluble fiber which provides the bulk necessary to maintain function as well as “scrub” the intestinal walls of biological waste so that it can be eliminated normally.

2. Green Foods – The antioxidants and chlorophyll from green leafy vegetables in addition to blue green algae and spirulina bacteria help detoxify the body of pesticides, herbicides and heavy metal accumulation in the body. In addition, these green options cleanse the liver which helps in screening out the harmful effects of cleaning products and even smog. Good green food to incorporate includes Swiss shard, kale, dark green leafy lettuce, spinach, barley and wheatgrass.

3. Citrus Foods – Citrus fruits are one of the best ways to detoxify your body. Full of antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients, vitamin C is a powerful detox vitamin found in all citrus. Fruits like lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits work to not only flush toxins away but also kick start the enzyme processes in the digestive tract. Vitamin C basically latches onto the different toxins in your body and turns them into something that can be digested and eliminated. Drinking hot tea with lemon, freshly squeezed lemonade or orange juice can boost your detoxification process.

4. Psyllium – Often found in diet fiber additives in powder and capsule form, psyllium husks aid in the digestion and elimination process. Psyllium bulks up your stool with increased water content which also makes the stool softer and easier to pass. This fiber additive forms a gelatinous mass which absorbs any toxins that pass through your digestive tract.

5. Natural Sulfur-Based Foods – Eaten raw or processed through a juicer, there are a number of vegetables containing sulfur compounds that aid the liver in detoxifying your body. Onions, cabbage, broccoli, garlic, brussel sprouts, kale, artichokes, beets and cauliflower contain sulfur as well as glutathione, a strong antioxidant which helps neutralize the toxins from food and the environment. Spices like oregano and turmeric also are helpful.

Whether you choose one natural detoxification product or a combination of them, you may have to experiment. Depending on the level or type of detoxification you need depends on which products you consume. For instance, if your bowels do not eliminate regularly, you will want to concentrate on the psyllium and flaxseed. However, if you are regularly exposed to smog, cigarette smoke, pesticide or herbicides, a combination of products with strong antioxidant properties like citrus, green and sulfur based foods would be best.

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