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Natural Cure For Strep Throat

Posted Jul 03 2009 1:39pm 2 Comments

shaletann_smallStrep throat often affects children and teenagers but adults may also get the disease.

Its symptoms include redness and swelling of the throat and tonsils, sometimes accompanied by fever.

Wikipedia defines strep throat this way:

Streptococcal pharyngitis or streptococcal sore throat ( strep throat ) is a form of group A streptococcal infection that affects the pharynx and possibly the larynx and tonsils.

eHow suggests the following as homemade remedy for strep throat:

  • apple cider vinger
  • buttermilk or yoghurt
  • garlic and onion
  • sage lists additional home remedies for strep throat:

  • plenty of rest
  • foods that can be easily swallowed
  • use of humidifier
  • salt water gargle
  • fenugreek
  • herbal tea
  • honey and lemon
  • cinnamon

Watch this video that will show you how to prepare a cure for strep throat using honey and lemon.

Image by shaletann.

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You should try the natural remedies, but strep untreated by antibiotics can spread to other organs, like the heart, and cause damage, so you should see a doctor ASAP. Even on antibiotics it is contagious for three weeks. 
Make sure that the child takes all prescribed antibiotics on schedule and for as many days as your doctor has directed.

symptoms of strep throat

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