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Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

Posted Jan 17 2011 12:00am
Nut-Med provides relief for Arthritis, Backaches, Muscular Aches and Pains, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Athletic Injuries, Inflammation of Joints, and Headaches. 

Nut-med is a patented nutmeg oil formula spray for inflamation of joints and arthritis pain relief. It's so good to find natural remedies for arthritis that are even completely safe for children to use and that work safely alongside you medication.

However, do you know how nutmeg is made?

As I found this rather interesting myself, I thought that I would share my discoveries with you. Nutmeg is produced from the Mysristica Fragans tree. A tree native to the Molucca Islands which produces mace as well as nutmeg. Mace is the red shell and nutmeg the seed.

The nutmeg tree thrives in altitudes up to five hundred meters above sea level and the tree propagates by shedding it's seeds.  By the time the tree has reached full maturity, it can yield as much as five kilograms of nutmeg yearly.  This can be between fifteen and thirty years.

Generally grown for cooking and medicinal uses with the essential oil of the nutmeg is considered the most effective part of the plant.

Harvesting the nutmeg seed follows by drying in the sun after removal from its covering.  This can take up to two months, but apparently growers can tell when the nut is ready, as it will rattle when they shake it.  They then break the pit opens to expose the two centimer nutmeg. It is then dipped in a lime mixture that will minimize damage and repel insects.

After grading, the nutmegs will either be ground for use as a spice or the oil will be extracted to be used in perfumes, food and essential oils for medicinal products such as Nut-Med.

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