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Myths About Sex Post-Menopause

Posted Dec 14 2009 3:27pm 2 Comments
If you have not gone through menopause yet but are concerned about how your sex life is going to be afterward, don’t worry! The hormonal changes of menopause do affect your sex life after “the change” but you can easily compensate for them. Of course, a few bad experiences with some women have created a whole host of myths that need to be de-bunked.

Myths About Sex Post-Menopause

Myth #1 – Your vagina is going to wither and atrophy.

The truth is that while your vagina does go through some menopausal changes due to estrogen loss, most of them are not noticeable at a glance. The female body part is not going to wither away or atrophy. If you already have an active sex life, you should continue with no problem post-menopause. Sex is actually important post- menopause because it increases blood flow to the vagina; basically you should view the vagina as a use it or lose it body part.

Myth #2 – You do not have to worry about STDs anymore.

Safe sex is still important when you are over 50 as it is in your 20s, especially if you have new sex partners instead of someone you have been married to faithfully for years. While you cannot get pregnant post-menopause, you can easily still pick up a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Therefore, condoms are important unless both parties have had blood tests that prove a clean bill of sexual health.

Myth #3 – Sex is painful post-menopause.

One of the main issues of post-menopause is the vaginal dryness many women experience due to the loss of estrogen. Lack of lubrication creates an environment conducive to painful sex, but this does not have to be your reality. There are many quality lubricants on the market today that can make sex more pleasurable and comfortable. Choose a water-based lubricant that feels smooth and natural.

Myth #4 – Orgasms are virtually non-existent.

While you are not going to experience them one right after the other, orgasms are not a thing of the past when you enter post-menopause. You just have to work a little harder to get them. Don’t feel you have to compete with your younger self; make do with what you have – a pleasing female body with a little less estrogen. You may have to change things up a bit in the bedroom though but the results should be well worth it.

Myth #5 – You may not have a sex drive at all after menopause.

The reality is that no one knows what all those hormonal changes are going to do to you until you actually experience them. Many women post-menopause actually have a heightened libido, meaning their sex drives are better than they were pre-menopause. Maintaining a healthy body and the right mental mindset has everything to do with your sex drive. If you can stay positive and picture where you want your sex life to be, it is much easier to attain.

When dealing with female hormones, some people liken it to navigating a mine field. However, as long as you have an idea of what body changes you will experience, you can compensate for them and still have an active sex life, regardless of the myths flying about that say otherwise.

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Why do these myths have to exist?  Menopause is bad enough without the fear of losing your sex drive or ability to orgasm or it being painful.  Thanks for dispelling the myths - someone has to!


rampant rabbit

What a great list of common fears.  With all its ups and downs, perimenopause is something that all women face, so why is information so lacking (and confused)!?  For more info and support about sex in our middle years and beyond, please visit , dedicated to the sexual health of women over 40.

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