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My Top Five Suppliers Of Natural Superfood Supplements

Posted Mar 15 2009 7:05am

The dietary supplements industry has enjoyed a meteoric rise in sales over the last 10 years as consumers recognise that they need to remain strong and healthy during these stressful and uncertain times.

With an estimated value of $24-25 billion in the US market alone the pharmaceutical industry decided to send its bullyboy, the FDA, to muscle in on the action. The large companies such as Herbalife, Seven Seas and Maximuscle, who all sell huge quantities of cheap products, will survive by paying off the FDA. But it's the small, independent companies that actually supply healthy, natural and organic products at a higher price that are being driven out of business as a result of, what can only be considered, industry persecution.

So when you're looking to buy some supplements I believe that spending money on a cheap brand of supplement, even if it's well known, is a false economy. A typical low cost supplement pill will only contain a small amount of goodness whilst the rest of it is made up of cheap filler substances that can actually turn bad whilst on the shelf.

It's the goodness that you need to keep you strong and healthy and it's on that basis that I've compiled my list of top 5 Suppliers of Natural Superfood Supplements...

According to research from the Natural Marketing Institute there is now more demand than ever for probiotics, fish oil and omega 3 fats, whilst multivitamins, calcium, vitamin C and E remain firm favourites with consumers. There are several factors that can explain this increase in demand:

1. Intensive farming practices have reduced the nutrients found in vegetables and meats.

2. An increase in the number of people looking for a natural, alternative solution to their health problems.

3. The prevailing myth that poor eating habits can somehow be neutralised with a multivitamin pill.

4. Cheaper vitamins and minerals sold by supermarkets as a loss leader.

5. The rise in the number of qualified complementary and alternative medicine practitioners (over 150,000 in the UK) recommending supplements.

Now before you ask I don't have a business relationship with the following supplement sellers and they haven't sent me any free samples to try ( I wish!). My list is simply compiled of the companies I think offer the best quality natural supplements and whose mission it is to promote health and vitality across the globe.

1. Living Fuel - Fantastic range of Superfood formulas and a tasty range of food bars.

2. Mercola - He does tend to stock the brands that are most profitable to his company. However, he has very strict quality standards and all his products will be very effective.

3. Life Extension Foundation - Great information, a champion of health freedom and fantastic products.

4. Baseline Nutritionals - Offers very powerful and effective supplements and tinctures.

5. HPDI - Offers Chorella, superfoods and multivitamins.

The above companies supply what are considered very powerful supplements that are very effective when accompanied with a healthy diet. Therefore, I recommend you seek the advice of your doctor or C.A.M practitioner before making your purchasing decision.

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