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my tongue has a white coating on it and I'm wondering if my acid reflux could cause it

Posted by Deb

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A white coating is considered normal on a tongue.  Your acid reflux is probably more stress-related, and dietary-related.

Hi Deb

In naturopathic diagnosis, a white coating on your tongue reflects an acidic metabolism. Acid reflux can be a symptom of an acidic constitution. So they're connected, but to answer your question; no, the acid reflux isn't causing the white coating.

Does this help?

 Regards, Olwen :-) 

A white coated tongue is a sign of a health issue for both main stream medicine and alternative medicine. Just google it or ask your GP

white coating on tongue could mean thrush, but it depends on several factors:

is it there when you awaken?

does it disappear after breakfast?

where is it located on the tongue?

tip? center? left side? right side? 

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