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My Shoulder Sprain Experience

Posted Oct 01 2008 4:12pm
I am pleased to announce that I'm back on the yoga mat.  Boy, did I miss it.  In early July, I injured my shoulder doing a   forearm balance.  I came down from the pose and my right shoulder just didn't feel right.  The place where the upper edge of my scapula joins my trapezius muscle was burning and I had the urge to draw my shoulder up to my ear for hours after the incident.

I thought I'd be back to yoga in a week.  I was wrong.  It was most definitely sprained and every muscle in the area became rigid and stiff.  Wisdom and experience with patients with similar injuries told me to let it rest.  I now know why patients look at me like I am crazy when I tell them they must give their sprains time to heal.  It may be a slow and frustrating process.  However, if the sprain is treated with care and caution, the patient may enjoy a full recovery.  I always advise the patient to act with care so that this temporary injury does not turn into a permanent one.

I will admit that I am thankful for the experience so that I may be even more empathetic to patients.  I have now had the experience and I have a protocol that works.  This is what I did:

  1. Acupuncture.  Needles within the first 48 hours are imperative to reduce inflammation and to move qi and blood.
  2. Espom Salt Baths.  Hot baths with large amounts (4 pounds) of epsom salts are therapeutic for the sprain site.
  3. Activator Method Chiropractic.  Keeping your spine and ribs in alignment while healing is very important.
  4. Limit Movement of the Limb.  In this case, it was my right arm.  I did not lift my arm above my shoulder for the first two weeks.  After that, I began to slowly use the arm again.
With the above four instructions, I was able to heal the sprain about 90% in two weeks.  I persevered with the therapies and at six weeks, I had full range of motion.  At seven weeks, I returned to all of my previous activities as if nothing had ever happened.

I look forward to you questions and comments.

Thank you for reading.
Tamara ZumMallen
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