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My Holistic Pregnancy

Posted Apr 21 2011 12:00am
As a nurse and nursing student, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing more births than others who are not in healthcare (probably close to sixty). This is quite a bit considering that I’ve never been a labor and delivery nurse. Every birth is amazing. Each experience is special and new and usually a joyous occasion for the entire family.
All of the births that I witnessed over about five years involved physicians. I had become well aware of the routines and the active role that nurses played during labor and delivery. Then, a close friend invited me to be a part of her birth experience with a midwife. What an honor to be asked to be a part of new life entering this world! I was so excited about this opportunity and my life was forever changed by the experience.
Instantly I recognized the difference between having a physician versus a midwife. In most of my experiences, the physician was not present until it was time to deliver the baby. This midwife, however, had been right by her side for hours. I was blown away by how attentive she was and how she genuinely seemed to care about my friend and her labor plan.
I was compelled to reexamine my practitioner choices and to learn more about birthing options and experiences even though I was not expecting. Deep down I knew that what I had just experienced was so unique, and just my style, that I needed to take action. After four years of care from a great OB/GYN, I decided to switch practitioners and become a patient at a midwifery practice- the same practice that my friend used. I felt a bit guilty leaving my physician, but my heart was leading me in another direction.
Let’s just say my first visit was amazing. I felt so affirmed as a woman. Instead of that uncomfortable, let's hurry up and get this over with feeling, I felt strong, secure and empowered by these midwives and their caring practices. There was no doubt in my mind that I had made the right decision.
Several months later, I was pregnant. I had an amazing holistic pregnancy, during which I used several complementary therapies that enhanced the journey. I did yoga, learned some breathing techniques and enjoyed massages and aromatherapy. I learned many simple, yet powerful tools that I used throughout my pregnancy and during labor and delivery. These tools are universal and I enjoy them even more now that I’m a mom.

The spiritual growth that I experienced during my pregnancy journey was amazing as well. I even wrote a book called . The book is a devotional with over 600 scriptures to use from preconception, pregnancy, labor, and motherhood. This was the most effective complementary therapy for my journey. Now I’m empowering moms and moms-in-training to have their own holistic pregnancies, utilizing the complementary therapies that best suit their lives, then carry those tools onto motherhood.
I was so blessed by My Holistic Pregnancy. I believe that all women should have the best birth experiences possible and become confident, active participants in their healthcare needs and desires.
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