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my almost 5 year old suffers from recurrent chest infections requiring hospital admission once a year, he also suffers from ecze

Posted by noreenm

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Viruses, bacteria and fungi are the common micro-organisms that normally infect the respiratory system. The infection may manifest as common cold, bronchitis or pneumonia. Viral infections are generally more serious in children than adults because adults possess protective antibodies which are lacking in children encounting the diseases for the first time.

The common viral infection are 1) The common cold 2) Viral Throat Infection 3)Influenza 4)Acute-Layrngotracheobronchitis (Croup) 5)Acute Bronchitis 6)Acute Bronchiolis

Treatment is directed towards i) relief of symptons ii) prevention, recognition of & treatment of secondary bacterial infection.

Best rest is unnecessary for cold and sore throat except if there is high fever. Headache and muscular pain may be relieved by a simple pain relieve medicine (analgesic) such as paracetamol.

Cough when productive of sputum should be encouraged. When sputum is thick & difficult to cough out, hot drinks, inhalation of steam or mucolytic agents will make expectoration easier.

Unproductive distressing cough can be suppressed by cough preparations containng cough suppresant drugs.

Congestion & excessive nasal secretions may be reduced by periodic use of ephedrine group of nasal drops. Lozenges containing local anaesthetics are helpful when the throat is painful.

No curative treatment for the respiratory viral infection is known. Antibiotics should not be used in the treatment of uncomplicated viral infections except when there is secondary bacterial infection. Prophylactic antibiotics is justified only in patients with a history of previous chronic chest infection or vulvular heart disease. Since no curative treatment is known, here are a general suggestion that can look into, utilising of the Silver Sol, which have reported to have an extraordinary ability to eliminate bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi as well as enhance the immune system and provide rapid healing, one of the safest and most effective solutions to resolve many health problems.

In young children where there is an increasing tendency to airway obstruction by mucus, clearing of the secretion is essential in addition to bronchodilators to relieve aieway obstruction.


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