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my 16 yo daughter has goiter & 20 nodules all over thyroid, are there alternative remedies to get rid of nodules?

Posted by tami

FNA on largest nodule on rt side, test were normal, will repeat FNA on 2nd largest on left side in 3 mos.  meantime dr presribed thyroid meds to allow thyroid to rest.  6 mos will do another ultrasound to compare.  does this sound correct? are there vitamins, supplements, dietary changes that we can make to get rid of nodules?
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YES!  Goiters are lack of iodine (actually potassium iodide). Read Dr David Brownstein's books: "Iodine, Why we need it and can't live without it" and "Overcoming Thyroid Disorders".   Check out - great info and resources.  My daughter, 35, is hypothyroid and is doing great on a bioalgae product call BioSuperfood (  Based on her results, I'm trying it although my thyroid was removed in 2004.  There are definite dietary changes she will have to make in order to support her adrenals and thyroid.  Lots to learn, but it's so very worth it to feel better and avoid endless suffering without a thyroid. 
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