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Much Ado About Weather Veronica ...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:21pm

Much Ado About Weather

Veronica Hansen in Queensland, Australia shares her message about the weather and what she does to improve conditions over there. Veronica and I have ongoing chats about how to influence the weather and, coincidence or not, how the mind can change reality on any level. Enjoy...

Re: the weather

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 5:29 PM
From: "veronica hansen"
To: "Lydia Smith-Lenardson"

Hi Lydia

It been ages since I last contacted you but you are always in my prayers and your energy shares are a wonderful part of my week.

Its spring again here and we have had a good year so far again this year. Last year we had the biggest flood in 100 years so all the rivers around here were well and truly flushed from the years of drought.Just though Id share another idea which some of the group who might like to try in regards to the cyclones (hurricanes) over there.

As you know I am very concerned with things pertaining to the weather and usually I check the weather map on the computer here for our area of a morning.

We had a few cyclones off the coast last year and what I do with the image on the map is ask the powers that be to reduce the intensity of the formation on the map from 5 or whatever the category of the storm is to 1or 0.

Then I open my palms and imagine the cloud formation held between the palms of my hands spiralling in the opposite direction to the way in which it is spinning and spin it in my mind down to 1.I believe this brings the rain but not the wind.

Now this all could be a coincidence but if I don't try it then who knows the rain we had might have been the cyclones they predicted. Worth a try for any one interestedOur storm cells swirl in opposite directions to you folk up there and our water goes down the drain in opposite directions as well.Its interesting the spinning.

Thank you so much for being part of my day.

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