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Move Your Body, Move Your Mind

Posted May 06 2010 8:03pm
By Matthew Furey 08/24/2007

MeditationThis morning I got up at 5 a.m., put on my exercise gear and went outdoors for some movement along the beach.

As I ran, walked and did a variety of exercises, I thought about the difference between those who simply sit in a chair and visualize and those who visualize by moving.

Both ways of picturing what you want are good, and I believe you’d be wise to make sure you choose to do BOTH - not one or the other. Some days it is best to sit still and quiet your mind in a room by yourself. At other times you become still by going OUT into the world and moving among the commotion. You learn to tune the noise pollution out while tuning into yourself.

One of the most important mind-body elements of physical exercise is that which I call “summoning your forces.” When you move your body in a vigorous manner, you must summon your physical forces through the power of thought. You give a command to your muscles to fire. You tell your central nervous system, through the use of mental pictures, that you want more wham, slam, bang, zip, zap or shazam.

As you do this you become aware that there is an incredible connection between mind and body. In fact, mind and body are so connected that you might as well think of them as one unit, not as separate entities. We only separate them so we can attempt to explain them. But no matter how much we explain, we can never give a truly accurate picture of the awesome power contained within us.

Now, lest you still think that exercise time is only physical or only for your muscles, then I dare you to use your exercise time to picture something you want something other than a better body. Picture an improved career. Picture increased income. Picture taking a dream vacation and having the money to afford it. Picture a new home, a new car or creating a new product or service.

Do this as you exercise. Do this especially when you are exercising vigorously, when you’ve already summoned your forces. I think you’ll find something amazing taking place. You’ll find that the force you summoned, the force to exercise with greater vim and vigor, will energize the thing you are picturing.

[Ed. Note: Matt Furey is the author of the international best-seller, Combat Conditioning, and is president of the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, Inc. Visit him online or .]

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