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More on Eating Smart to Get Smart

Posted Jul 29 2008 9:31am
In last week's entry I wrote about some foods that helped increase intelligence. Well, here's another one. Recent research from UCLA has shown that good ole omega 3s also increase intelligence.

A team led by Fernando Gómez-Pinilla, a professor of neursurgery reviewed over 160 studies on how food affects brain function. They found that omega 3s not only help to reduce the incidence of cancer and heart disease but also improve memory and learning.

The effect also occurs in children. School children given omega 3s had higher scores on tests of verbal intelligence, memory and learning as compared to a control group.

The researchers surmise that the effect of increased intelligence is due to the omega 3s supporting synaptic plasticity. In other words we learn by making new connections between the nervous system cells called neurons. These connections can change so the more the brain can change the more "plastic" it is.

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in yummy salmon, walnuts, and of course you can get a supplement in capsule form.

I always knew that fish was considered brain food!

Peace and Healing,

Dr. Bruce

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University of California - Los Angeles (2008, July 11). Scientists Learn How Food Affects The Brain: Omega 3 Especially Important
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