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Moms’ Garden

Posted Jun 29 2010 11:59pm

Hi all. It’s another sweltering day in CT – 95 and humid, in June! I have a very sad looking little garden this year as I was focusing on fixing up our old house this Spring instead. But we do have some beans, tomatoes, even pumpkins for fall. My son has his own little garden which we walled off with big pieces of firewood, he is so proud of it and checks it several times a day :) I love to garden and while this isn’t entirely related to Chinese Medicine, I’m working on an idea that I just love….in its early stages of development in my crowded head, but here it is……..a shared “Moms’ Garden”. It’s so much work to have a really productive, large garden when you do it organically – weeding, watering, picking off bugs or making “green” sprays. It’s too much for me on a big scale with my 2 young children and my acupuncture practice. But my idea combines 2 things we all need more of – fresh organic food, and friends! Here’s how it would work….

Get together from 5-10 friends, find someone with a big sunny back yard or a community garden plot (a lot of towns have these), and plan out a decent sized garden – all the favorite veggies of the gardeners, herbs, flowers. Then divvy up the work – each person is responsible for just one day a week of tending to the garden. Ok, it’s just a co-op on a tiny scale, but it would be so fun. And those with children could bring them along, mine just love to help in the garden, though that is often kind of dangerous to the health of the garden :) But what a great learning experience for them. One day of watering, weeding, composting and whatever else needs doing, and then we all share in the bounty! Fresh salads, seasonal veggies well into fall, fresh flowers on the table all summer, Halloween pumpkins you pick yourself. All for one trip a week to visit the garden. And all the while building or strengthening friendships with some cool people. I love it. Might be too late this year, but this is definitely a plan to keep in the back of my mind and start growing over the long, cold winter when I dream of seeds and gardens!

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