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Molecular Healing--Research Supports Herbal Remedy for Heart Disease

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:13pm 1 Comment
I have been recommending herbal substances for healing for many years and for a variety of conditions. One herbal substance, Hawthorn Berry has been used by alternative medicine practioners for years for heart problems. Now a review of research by a group from Cochrane Researchers has found that Hawthorn Berry may help those with heart disease.

The researchers examined studies that encompassed 855 patients over 14 trials. The trials were randomly controlled and compared against placebos. They found that Hawthorn Berry increased heart function by increasing overall workload and exercise tolerance. It also decreased oxygen consumption and reduced shortness of breath.

The researchers recommended that Hawthorn Berry be used in conjuction with conventional medications.

In my experience as an alternative medicine practitioner I have seen many patients experience a synergistic effect when taking medications and herbal supplements. In many cases much less of a medication can be used to elicit a healing effect. In other cases I have seen people ween off dangerous medications as they use herbal substances.

This review is just one more piece of evidence that lends support to using natural remedies. One day I hope that we can really integrate both alternative and mainstream approaches.


Center for the Advancement of Health (2008, January 23). Herbal Remedy, Hawthorn Extract, Can Help The Heart, Review Finds. ScienceDaily. Retrieved January 28, 2008, from­ /releases/2008/01/080122203321.htm
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