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Molecular Healing: Reduce Food Additives--Reduce Hyperactivity

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:14pm
Another common practice of alternative medicine practitioners is gaining acceptance in the mainstream.

Alternative medicine has long recognized the link between hyperactivity (and ADHD) and food preservatives. Now an editorial in the esteemed British Medical Journal supports the removal of food additives and colorings from the diets of children with ADHD.

In addition to the BMJ article, the European Food Safety Authority reviewed 22 studies investigating the link between ADHD and food additives and found that in 16 of them some children reported adverse effects with preservatives.

In my experience I have heard a number of stories from patients with children with ADHD who are put on medications with no mention of diet or nutrition. It is usually left to parents to find effective alternative medicine treatments.

This brings up a point I make in my book about synergy. In too many cases I see patients attempting to heal from their problems by using only one treatment. Healing is multidimensional and many times requires input from a number of sources. This is because the sources work together in a synergistic way.

The treatment of ADHD is no different and should be multidimensional. Perhaps a combination of a modest dose of medication, nutritional supplements and dietary restriction of preservatives and food colorings may have a more powerful effect in healing from ADHD.

Peace and Healing.

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