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Molecular Healing: More Good News for Vit D and Your Heart

Posted Aug 24 2008 12:33am
Vit D has been getting a lot of press lately. Besides strengthening your bones, VIt D has also been shown to be effective in warding off cancer, improving arterial disease and boosting the immune system.

Now Vit D may also be effective in preventing heart failure. Pharmacologist Robert U. Simpson and coresearchers have recently published a study in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology that indicates Vit D may provide protection against heart failure by inhibiting enlargement of heart muscle cells.

The heart begins to fail when it cannot keep up with the demands of the body. This is usually from damage caused be a heart attack or high blood pressure. The heart muscles become weaker and the heart begins to enlarge or hypertrophy. Vit D seems to prevent hypertrophy of the heart muscles.

The researchers produced heart failure in rats by putting them on a simulated fast food diet high in salt (supersize those rat fries please). The rats responded by developing heart disease rather quickly. The group of heart diseased rats given Vit D showed less hypertrophy and lower weight.

We Americans seem to be deficient in Vit D. It is thought that as many as one-third to one-half of the adult middle aged population are deficient.

Personally I know that by living in a northern state I do not get near enough sun. I don't even give my skin a chance to make good ole Vit D. Cold, dark, rain and snow--yes; Sun, warmth, clear skies--no.

Anyway, I have boosted my intake of Vit D over the past year to about 3000 ius. Yes, that seems like a lot since I used to recommend only 400 ius and diligently warned my patients that Vit D is a fat soluble vitamin and can build up in your tissues. But information changes reality.


University of Michigan Health System (2008, June 12). Vitamin D: New Way To Treat Heart Failure?

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