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Molecular/Energy Healing: New Theory Sheds Light on Cancer Cells

Posted Aug 24 2008 9:51pm
Cancer; that immutable disease that has eluded the healing powers of modern medicine. Cancerous cells seem to have minds of their own, their DNA brains churning out mutations on a mission to infiltrate the healthy cells and tissues of our bodies. No, it is not some alien life form that has come to wreak havoc on our unsuspecting planet. Cancerous cells come from within us. The leading theories about their origin center on the idea that DNA mutates to a point of no return. It is unable to correct such errors causing these cells to take on a life all their own with their progeny carrying the ominous message forward in time.

Now there is a new theory about cancer. Dr. Heinrich Kremer sees the origin of cancer differently than the mainstream. He terms his new theory Cell Dyssmybiosis. According to Kremer cancerous cells do not originate from DNA mutations, but from a functional process that occurs in the mitochondrion (a cell organelle or "organ of the cell" if you will). The mitochondrion makes energy for the body in the form of ATP. We need lots of ATP to keep living. In fact we use about our bodies weight in ATP each day in order to survive.

The process of making ATP in the mitochondrion is a complicated one and has caused much stress for many a medical, biology or physiology student (I remember those days of seeing hieroglyhpic biochemical equations in my dreams). But what is really interesting is the role of good ole electromagnetic energy (light) in the process. It appears that the complex matrix of reactions that make ATP absorb light.

According to Kremer "in fact a low frequency pulsating electromagnetic field is induced by the constant flow of uncoupled, paramagnetic aligned electrons in the respiratory organelles." hot dog!!

What this means in English is that the source of the light is not sunlight but a field of energy that permeates everything. The likely candidate for this energy source is the zero-point energy field. The zero-point field is a ubiquitous field of energy resulting from the birth and death of particles in our universe.

So what does this have to do with cancer? Well if the chain of reactions producing ATP goes awry then a host of harmful molecules is produced such as free radicals.

Kremer cites a study conducted in 2003 at the Anderson Cancer Research Center of the University of Texas in Houston that examined the effects of curcumin (a spice and bioflavinoid) on cancer cells in animals. The results were that the curcumin inhibited the cancer cells. What is interesting is that curcumin absorbs light that is the same wavelength as an important molecule in the ATP producing process.

Kremer states "In cancer cells curcumin, so to say, bridges the III and IV complex photon switch “short-circuit” of the respiratory chain in mitochondria and thus normalizes the information transfer for maintaining modulation of ATP."

The implications of Kremer's theory include the development of a therapeutic regimen based on the light absorbed by substances. These substances (like curcumen) would support the ATP process and more specifically the information exchange that occurs throughout the process.

A very different idea than the DNA mutation theory.

For Kremer's paper click here.

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