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Mind-Body Healing--New Evidence Supports The Effectiveness of Subliminal Messages

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:14pm
I went through a very stressful time in my life while attending school. As a result I suffered from poor health and insomnia. In order to help me get through this time I relied on a number of relaxation and healing tapes. Some contained subliminal messages telling my subconscious mind to relax and heal. I often questioned the effectiveness of these tapes and sometimes thought they were a bit on the "gimicky" side. I did think they helped at least in part to get me to sleep.

Recently the hypothesis that subliminal messages affect our minds has again surfaced in the scientific literature. Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem recently published an article in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that examined a number of experiments in subliminal messages. The experiments looked at the effects of national symbols (flags) on political attitudes. One study exposed a group of Israelis to their nation's flag while asking them about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while another group was not exposed to the flag. The exposure was so brief it was not noticed (subliminal) but had the effect of influencing the group's polical views to be more on the moderate side. The experiment was repeated again later and produced the same results.

The subliminal effect on the unconscious mind may have some important implications in healing. Our conscious and unconsious minds are constantly seeking information from our environments and this information includes subliminal messages. It is important to be aware of the information around us as it can have an affect on our healing.

These experiments have allowed me to see the value in using subliminal messages in healing. Using those tapes back in college may have been a good thing after all!


Hebrew University of Jerusalem. "Subliminal Messages Can Influence People In Surprising Ways." ScienceDaily 5 January 2008. 23 January 2008 .
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