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Mind-Body Healing--Health Benefits of Forgiveness

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:14pm
In my book "Unlocking the Healing Code" I talk about how learning to forgive helps to facilitate healing. The book also includes a forgiveness exercise that is simple to follow. Just recently the Mayo Clinic's Womens Health Source published some good clnical information about how holding onto resentment affects your health. According to the publication those who held grudges had an increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, muscle tension and less feelings of being in control. When these people imagined forgiving someone their clinic problems improved.

Forgiveness is not for the person who has done you wrong, it is for you. Forgiveness does not say that you agree with the other person or condone their behavior. It is done so that you can move forward and release the feelings of anger and resentment.

According to the Mayo Clinic publication there are 4 steps to forgiveness:

1. Honestly acknowledge the pain that someone has caused.

2. Recognize that in order to heal you must change.

3. Try to find a way to reframe the behavior of the person who hurt you. This step requires that you say "I forgive you."

4. Experience the emotional relief that comes from forgiving someone. This may include increased compassion or understanding.

Once again the mind can have a powerful effect on the body.


Mayo Clinic (2008, January 4). Learning To Forgive May Improve Well-Being. ScienceDaily.
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