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Metal-Free Dentistry for Total Health

Posted May 06 2010 8:04pm
By Dr. Larry Clapp 12/21/2007

Dental HealthMost of us have heard of mercury poisoning.  We associate it with eating large quantities of contaminated fish.  However, many people don’t know that the metal fillings (amalgams) in their teeth are another potential source of mercury poisoning.  In the US, mercury comprises 54 percent of all dental amalgams and newer research has found that it may be the cause of serious health problems, including cancer.

Among its many health hazards, mercury amalgams slowly poison the body, cause major continuing infections, and gradually kill the tooth nerve, causing the need for a “root canal.”  Even worse, when two or more metals (including gold) are in the mouth, more health problems will arise from the effect of galvanic currents that deplete the immune system.

While this is enough to make anyone fear a trip to the dentist, there is good news. By finding a practitioner of biologic dentistry, you will improve both your oral health and your total body health.

Biologic dentistry focuses on the health of the whole person rather than the basic mechanics of dentistry.  A priority of biologic dentistry is finding hidden infections (not seen in x-rays) in the mouth that have often been caused by amalgams and root canals.  These infections may be repeated in the weakest parts of the body including the heart, prostate, and breasts.

In biologic dentistry, the materials used are compatible with your body.  A “white” filling made of hard composite plastic or ceramic that requires less drilling and preserves more of the healthy tooth is commonly used.  Because it is bonded to the tooth, there is very little chance (unlike metal amalgams) that bacteria will find its way under the filling and cause further decay or infection.  Biologic dentists will also check bite alignment, a factor that affects spinal alignment and the neurological system.

For the millions of people with amalgam fillings, removal is the first step toward better health.  Safe removal is a fine art that avoids releasing even more mercury into body tissue. Only experienced dentists with a record of healthy removal should be consulted.  Invariably, people feel dramatically better almost immediately after the mercury is removed.

Once mercury amalgams have been successfully replaced, a health care practitioner experienced in removal of metals from deep tissues can be consulted.  The ultimate goal is to improve total health by eliminating mercury or other toxic metals from the entire body.

Profound healing of major illnesses has been objectively measured in hundreds of patients after cleansing of mercury and other metals from the mouth and body.  Until these substances were removed, little or no healing occurred in these patients.

While the FDA has decided to ban amalgam fillings, it is slow to issue the necessary regulations to halt its use.  It is therefore up to you to protect yourself from toxic mercury poisoning by ensuring that your dentist uses only safe biocompatible materials.

[Ed. Note: Dr Larry Clapp, Ph.D healed his own prostate cancer in 1990, wrote the best selling book, "Prostate Health in 90 Days Without Drugs or Surgery", and has coached hundreds of prostate patients to do the same through his books, presentations and personal phone coaching sessions.  For more information ]

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