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Menstrual Pain and Heaviness

Posted Jan 11 2009 3:03pm

I`ve written about this before on this blog, but I feel the need to write about it again.

Menstrual pain and heaviness are not necessary!

There are so many misconceptions about a woman`s menstrual cycle and what is and is not normal. I see so many woman who have suffered for years or who have had their uterus removed because of heavy bleeding.

So much can be done!

This symptoms CAN be treated -- I have personally done so with many patients.

You do not need to have PMS.

You do not need to have painful periods.

You do not need to have heavy periods.

You should not be anemic because your periods are so heavy.

It is not a natural part of being a woman.

You do not have to live with it.

ALL your organs are important!

Just because you are not going to have children or have any more children, does not mean you don`t need your uterus anymore.

Just because  you are menopausal does not mean you do not need your uterus anymore.

The uterus continues to produce hormones even after menopause.

Know your options!

Being a woman myself, I find it really gets me fired up (ergo all the exclamation marks) that more woman are not given all their options.

In some cases you need to accept pain and suffering. In these cases you don`t.

So if you are having any of the problems I listed above, get yourself to a naturopath who can help you.


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